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A Summer Update (7/24/2012)

The past few days I have not been great at updating my blog and I’m gonna be honest, today is not gonna change that much but I actually am posting something. I’ve had a bad day due to a headache and endless angry phone calls for the entire 9 hours I worked today so I’m not in a huge writing mood but there are several updates that I thought I should let you all know about. :)

1. Because of my Avengers obsession I’ve been collecting the Dr Pepper cans that have the Avengers featured on them. For several weeks now I’ve had all of them but Iron Man and Captain America, today I finally found Iron Man. 7 down, 1 to go.

2. My dear friend Megan also because of my Avengers obsession found for me the “Ultimate Avengers guide”, a book of EVERY Marvel character ever and outlining their stories. It’s a book I had found at the library and wanted to just keep forever and was totally fangirling about so she got it for me. (God has blessed me with the coolest friends.)

3. After wanting and saving for a new, nice camera forever, my mom last month found a Canon Rebel t2i, one of the best cameras on the market right now, one originally marked at $900 for only $300. Because of that, and my mom’s amazing finding skills (She’s clearly a Hufflepuff. Kudos to you if you get that reference.) I now have that camera. She bought it with my money last month when she found it and on the way home from picking up my sister at church camp they visited me and brought it to me. Excitement is not a strong enough word, not even kidding. I’m psyched. :D

4. So as you mostly know, I can’t stand keeping my hair the same for any length of time, and since I’m currently growing it out which means I can’t cut it differently since it’s still so short and I really like having red hair, I decided to put colors in it! I bleached out a bunch of streaks and in most of those streaks I put a green-ish blue in! There aren’t great pictures of this yet but here’s the one I do have. :)

I hope you’re all doing well! :)


I lead an awkward (yet entertaining) life

Ok, so I’m not sure how much I’ve talked about this on this blog but I am literally the most awkward person/the biggest nerd you will ever meet. The nerd part I’m assuming you all know but the awkward part, yeah, I’m that quirky, nerd girl sort of person that Zooey Deschanel plays on New Girl. Except I’m not on a TV show so my awkwardness is undoubtedly not charming or adorably quirky. Maybe my nerdiness is, I mean, I’ve had some friends tell me that it’s a compliment that I’m the biggest nerd they know and hey, I genuinely enjoy being a nerd. Like John Green has said and I’ve quoted so often, “…because nerds like us are allowed to be unironically enthusiastic about stuff… Nerds are allowed to love stuff, like jump-up-and-down-in-the-chair-can’t-control-yourself love it. Hank, when people call people nerds, mostly what they’re saying is ‘you like stuff.’ Which is just not a good insult at all. Like, ‘you are too enthusiastic about the miracle of human consciousness’.” Like really, I love it. But this awkwardness is getting out of hand.

Examples ~ At work in the past week I have:
Fell off my stool multiple times
Ran into 3 door frames
Tried to talk to people and words have not come out in the right order
Took a bite of banana right as someone came in
Got distracted and forgot what I needed to tell someone because they were an attractive male
Hit my name tag off my cardigan so it went flying away
Ran into 3 people
Awkwardly blurted out how much I loved someones outfit
Hit a zit on my lip so it wouldn’t stop bleeding
Fangirled over the Avengers to my boss so much that I fell of my stool (again)
Played Pottermore at work and freaked out that I couldn’t get the gnomes out of the garden
Run face-first into a wall numerous times
Taken two Dr Pepper cans out of the recycling bin to keep for my Avengers can collection (They were Hawkeye and Black Widow! I needed them!)
Talked in a British accent to more than one person on the phones
Stood in a corner plugging my ears, humming and rocking back and forth to avoid The Dark Knight Rises spoilers

Odd Conversations that have occurred:
Me: *Finds picture of Snape with the caption: “Severus Snape, more complicated than the whole Twilight saga.”* “Wow, it’s so true. Course, my water bottle is also more complicated than Twilight…”
Coworker David: *Turns around* “I love —-
Me: *Glares at David*
David: –your hair.”
Me: “Oh David, I’m sorry! Thank you! I thought you were going to say you loved Twilight, hence the glare….”

Me at front desk at work: AH! THE PEOPLE AT COMIC-CON GOT TO WATCH 12 MINUTES OF THE HOBBIT! Why wasn’t I there?! *bangs head on desk*
Guy walks up to desk: Um, I was just coming over to read the board here..
Me: Oh, ok.
*5 minutes later*
Me: *Growls quietly*
Coworker Jenni: Did you just growl?
Me: Um… yes.. it was still about missing Comic Con.
Jenni: I’ll let it slide. I was just checking.

Me: (excitedly playing Pottermore): I GOT THE GNOMES OUT OF THE GARDEN!
Ben (My coworker): Oh thank goodness….

Me: *Freaks out over Superwhoavengerlock fanfiction* OH MY GOSH! THIS IS PERFECT!! SO MANY FEELS!!!!
Friend at work (Ben) laughs at me
*About an hour later*
Friend at work (Ben): You know, I don’t think I’ll ever find someone to marry. I’m just too weird, I’m a vegetarian and I’m super healthy about what I eat. I won’t find someone like that.
Other friend at work (Chelsea): Aw, Ben, that’s ok. I’m sure you’ll find someone
Me: Yeah… you know, I’m pretty weird too… I have a ton of weird things about me.. I worry about the same thing.
Ben: Yeah… you know, you’re way weirder than me actually. With all your fandoms and Tumblr and everything. You should probably me more worried than me…
Me: *Sighs* I know…

So yeah… I might’ve had a point other than entertaining you all by telling you all these weird stories but I can’t remember what that was now. But hopefully this was an entertaining recount of my work adventures at any rate. Also, as weird and awkward as I am, I regret nothing. I am who I am. Like it or not. :)

Hope ♥

Today went much differently than expected.

Today was supposed to be the day that I returned to college, the day I left home for the summer to go to work on campus where I work year round. I was supposed to get on a bus about 2:30 and take the 4 hour bus ride to the town near campus where my roommate for the summer would pick me up and take me to our apartment. There was supposed to be a slight layover in a town at about the half way point where I would have an hour layover and then get on a connecting bus. All in all I should have been in my apartment by 7pm at the latest. I was ready, I had said my goodbyes, everything was packed, I had psyched myself up that though I was nervous to be on my own for the summer and even more nervous to ride a bus (Those nerves increased when we got to the bus station and I saw it was the creepiest place I’ve ever seen and could’ve easily been a set for a horror movie) that God had a plan for me and that this summer is going to be the best one yet. I have a full-time job, I will actually be doing something productive with my life and I’m going to do my best to focus on God’s will and do what he wants. I was ready, nervous but excited.
That’s how my day was supposed to go but what happened turned out a little differently. I woke up somewhat early this morning to take care of some last minute packing and planning. The bus tickets had purchased online yesterday so that wasn’t a problem then around 12 my mom, sister and grandma and I left for the bus station. First we stopped to eat at Sonic that my grandmother kindly bought for us and then we were off. I checked in at the counter and got the stickers to put on my checked bag that had my name on it and everything at exactly an hour before my bus, just like the time they want you to arrive. After that I went back to the car to hang with the family some more. Dad was at work but he took his lunch to come see me and we had a nice time just waiting for the bus. The bus finally arrived at 2:15, just the right time for it to leave when it was supposed to at 2:30. I said my goodbyes, put my suitcase on the bus and got ready for departure. That was when things started to go wonky. My mom asked the bus driver (Who looked a bit like and sounded exactly like Morgan Freeman, much to my excitement) if the bus would be leaving on time. He replied that he was supposed to meet a connecting bus there before he could leave but that the other bus was running 2 hours late and he was sure his supervisor wouldn’t have him wait for it but he was going to call to make sure. He called and much to his surprise and my unhappiness his supervisor said he would have to wait. Mom and I checked on my ticket and saw that if we waited two hours for the other bus I would miss my connecting bus and would therefore be stranded in the bus station halfway through with my trip, so we asked if there would be another connecting bus. We were told there would be, 12 hours afterward. After finding this out, mom called dad (Who by this time had returned to work) and discussed that instead of me being stranded halfway between home and college for 12 or more hours that dad could take me tomorrow morning because for once he actually has Sunday off. After that was decided we cancelled my ticket (Fortunately getting a refund) and returned back home.
So, instead of me now being in my summer apartment and blogging from there as I had expected, and instead of being away from my family already, I’m spending this one last night at home before heading out early in the morning.
All well, I suppose this is what God had in mind and I think it’ll be better than taking a bus, though I was getting quite excited about the adventure taking a bus might bring. But I suppose there are other times for adventures on buses. This way my family will drop me off for the summer and unlike if I had ridden the bus, I’ll be able to take my bicycle up to my apartment, which will be quite helpful due to my lack of car ownership.
Anyways, I thought I should update you all on my current condition and I will most certainly update tomorrow to let you know of my trip. Now I should get to bed and get some sleep before my hopefully adventurous and exciting day tomorrow.
Hope ♥

The Grateful Ramblings of a Jesus-loving Nerdighter.

Even though I already posted today, for some reason I’m inspired to post again, I’m just in the mood to write. About what, I’m not quite sure yet but perhaps it will end with a point, and if not, I can just you can just not pay attention. Anyways, I’m sitting at work now and maybe it’s because it’s almost the weekend, maybe it’s because I was up til almost 2am talking with Kyle, Chelsea and Jared about the awesome love of God or maybe it’s because Navigators is having a night of prayer for five hours tonight that I’m super excited about but, whatever it is, today I just feel uber hopeful. I mean, why not I suppose? I just listed off several reasons to be happy and I have so many more, I get to eat lunch with a dear friend I hardly get to see tomorrow, I don’t have a lot of homework for the weekend, I’m surrounded by wonderful people that I love and that love me, I have 61 subscribers to this blog and more viewers that I’m so grateful for, I’m loved by God, I’m alive and well, I’m blessed enough to go to a wonderful college, I have a job (don’t think about how I keep screwing up while answering the phones, I do well most of the time), I don’t go hungry, I have clothes (even clothes that I enjoy). God is awesome.
Ok, what else can I randomly talk about right now? Well. Tonight our dorm floor is having a tournament of the card game Spoons. It’s been forever since I’ve played and I don’t remember anything about it but I’ve heard its fun so that’ll be cool then after that several of us are going to the Navigators prayer night which I’m super stoked for! I think it’ll be a great time of fellowship and just to really get a chance to be alone to talk to God and worship Him. The rest of my weekend will include doing laundry, catching up with a friend at lunch tomorrow, catching up on TV shows with some friends and doing the small amount of homework I need to.
Oh! One more thing (Then I just have a little bit til I’m off of work for the weekend!!), I know tihs book has been out forever and I’m a Nerdfighter so I totally should’ve gotten to this sooner but I just ordered, received and finished “Looking for Alaska” by John Green. Oh my freaking pants. So good. So sad and heartbreaking but that book was beautiful. As if I could love John Green anymore. Everyone should definitely read it!
Ok, I’m done with this weird and random post but hopefully someone enjoyed it.
I love you all dear readers!
Hope ♥

An Update On My Life

So I realized that while I’ve written several times since the semester has started, I haven’t actually mentioned how my semester is going, and as I can’t currently think of anything else to write, that is precisely what I shall do right now. :)
Ok, so my work load for the semester isn’t terrible, I’m taking 15 credit hours and working about 20 hours a week at the financial aid office. Last week, the first week of the semester was crazy at the office but it’s slowed down considerably and I actually don’t think this semester will be that hard. My classes are for the most part interesting, Expository Writing 2 (obviously I enjoy writing and my friend Angel is in there with me), U.S. History since 1877 (History is always interesting to me), Natural Disasters (Super boring but shouldn’t be too difficult and I have several friends in there!), Prisons and Punishment (Don’t look at me weird! I’m a Criminology major!), and my favorite, Philosophy of Law (It seems like it might be a bit hard but my awesome RA Kyle is in there and it’s uber interesting!). So yeah, hopefully I’ll be able to get all A’s this semester, which I obviously would prefer all the time and most definitely need after my terrible semester last fall from my Anthropology class… Yuck. Moving on from that..
It’s been super fun to be back on a schedule and even though I’m working every week day from either 1-5 or 1:30-5 so I feel super busy, its great being back home here! I’ve been hanging out with friends some and of course causing more shenanigans with Jared and our lightsabers.
I can already tell this will be an amazing semester and it’s cool seeing how encouraging God has been, as you can tell from my recent posts God has been just showing me super amazing things and I’m back to having the wonderful encouragement from my friends on a regular basis.
That’s about it really but I’m definitely looking forward to seeing all the awesome things God has planned for this year! I’m gonna take advantage of this semester and make it the best one yet. :)
I hope you’re all doing well also!
Hope ♥

The first good day in weeks.

So for the first day in a while my day was actually really good! I got up and worked out with Shelby then after some homework I went to class. After class Shelby and I went to Hot Topic to pick up the Doctor Who shirts we ordered the other day which of course made us super excited! :) After that I had to go to work which as always I wasn’t looking forward to but my boss had too many people scheduled for tonight so instead of getting off at 11:45-ish like normal, I got off at 7:45! It was wonderful! :) So now I’m back at my dorm, showered and watching Gilmore Girls AND I found free Doctor Who behind the scenes of season 6 stuff on iTunes! (If you’re interested go to the free section on iTunes, it’s there! :D)
That was pretty much my day but I liked it. It was real good!
I hope you all had a lovely day as well!
Hope ♥

Time for work yet again.

Today has been a pretty good day so far, I actually got up this morning and worked out with Shelby. I wasn’t too excited by getting up at 7:30 but it actually felt good to work out. The rest of the day I did some homework and went to class. Now I’m getting ready to go to work again so I don’t have a lot of time to write and I also don’t really have a lot to say today. I did want to share some of these humorous pictures I found and share this Bible verse that I found during my quiet time this morning! :)
Hope ♥

Psalm 89: 1 & 2 ~ Your love, God, is my song, and I’ll sing it! I’m forever telling everyone how faithful you are. I’ll never quit telling the story of your love-how you built the cosmos and guaranteed everything in it. Your love has always been our lives’ foundation, your fidelity has been the roof over our world.