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I’ve never been so happy to be wrong.

The snow! It came! And school has been cancelled! I was wrong! I would have placed money on the fact that our University would not cancel because they never do but they did! :D

Yesterday after class, I was sitting and lunch, arguing with freshman on how they’d never cancel when I received a text saying that they had. Now, it’s a miracle they cancelled it at all but the fact that they called it before there was any snow to even be seen is even more so, usually if they cancel for anything, they’ve cancelled at 6 that morning.

Needless to say, since there was nothing that had to be done today, there was much silly times last night. We watched Hot Rod, ate macaroni and cheese, stayed up til 5am just hanging out. It was perfect. :)

Today we all slept in a bit (For obvious reasons) played some board games and we’re currently just chilling out and making Andrew finish watching BBC Sherlock.

Snow days are the best days.

Hope <3


No. Snow. Stahp.

Welcome to Kansas, where one week it’s warm enough to go without a coat and the next there’s a huge winter storm coming.

Tomorrow we’re supposed to get 8-12 inches of snow, now I’m assuming the weather people are as usual about the amount but I feel certain it will at least be very cold which I’m not happy about. I hate the snow! But the worst part about it is our University does not close for snow. Or anything. Like for real, I’m pretty sure the zombie apocalypse could happen and they’d still have school…

All the freshman here are like yeah! School’s totally gonna be closed tomorrow! But no, I’m willing to bet that everything will still happen. Sure, individual teachers might cancel class but I will still have to go to work at 8am and it appears that none of my teachers will cancel so instead of a happy snow day, I’ll have a sad day trudging through who knows how much snow. Sigh.

I really hope the weather/University proves me wrong this time…

My Life in Facebook statuses. (Part 2)

I liked the last time I made a post like this because sometimes I try to make witty Facebook statuses so once again, here are some of the better ones I’ve had in the past month of so.

So here you go!

November 3: It makes my day that people are interviewing each other in our lobby to see who could join their Zombie survival team. Priorities: My floor has them.

November 6: All of my Facebook is either filled with things about voting or about Halo 4. And now I just witnessed some angry man yelling lies about religion in front of the Union, I need election day to be over.

November 8: When our floor was discussing whether or not Vampire Diaries was a quality show or not:

Iniki: Get over yourself, David!

David: Get over myself? It’s you I have a problem with!

November 9: Only at college can you witness 8 people riding their bikes through Seaton and onto the street. I don’t know what just happened.

November 10: Talking to me: “You have so many issues it’s impossible to even deal with them all at once.” ~ Alex (My roommate)

November 12: *Two guys on my floor*

Dylan: I’m too tired to be sassy right now.
Michel: That’s when I become sassay!!

November 13:

Dear people walking around comfortably in shorts,
Please show me your magic ways of staying warm. I do not like this weather, it makes me want to die.
Girl who is freezing in a coat, gloves and a Hufflepuff scarf

November 16: Found on the internet and is so accurate: Dear women who went to see the last Twilight film at midnight, THIS is why you’re alone every other night at midnight.

November 21: I successfully peeled and chopped up carrots without chopping my hand. I’m making progress here. *Within 30 minutes, I had 12 people like this, that’s when I knew I had a problem.*

November 21: Noelle (My sister): *Opens dishwasher that is still going* “Oh sorry! You’re not done yet!”

November 22: I’m so thankful for pie, even though I ate too much of it, it was delicious. :) My love for pie really does rival Dean Winchester’s love for it.

November 28: I’m not gonna lie, sometimes when it’s cold enough to see my breath I walk around and pretend like I’m a dragon. I regret nothing.

November 29: Iniki: “Sometimes you just need a friend to jump up and down about your fandoms with you, even if they don’t care.”

November 30: Nothing like practicing the Gangnam style dance with your supervisor at work.

December 1: Today was definitely one of the best days ever! When you can’t go swimming, the next obvious choice is to go hiking in swimming clothes and flip flops up and down Manhattan Hill. :) You guys are all awesome.

December 2: After a second night in a row of staying up past 4am, I have concluded that sleep is for the weak. Friends are always more important. :)

December 3: Thank you, Kansas. For once in my life I am enjoying the weather in December. You can stay 70 degrees as long as you want.

December 3: Just read a fanfiction about Sauron, Voldemort, The Hulk and a Dalek. What the heck?

December 9: Listening to Siri be sassy is the most entertaining thing I’ve done all day.

December 10: Wow, Kansas. You stayed warm for a long time but sure didn’t waste any time getting cold did you?

December 11: I’m not excited about this 7:30 Stats final across campus when it’s freezing outside but at least I’m done with math classes forever after this!

December 11: Finals week makes people more sassy than usual. And makes people apparently like to steal my stuff more than usual as well. And then sometimes use martial arts moves against me…. :)

December 12: You would think that continuously getting only 4 hours of sleep would start to take a toll but really I’m just getting used to it now, and besides, hanging out with people makes it totally worth it.

I’m trying to be happy with the cold, really I am.

Well, it happened. It got cold today (Wow, real interesting post, Hope. Let’s talk about the weather again…) as was inevitable. As you all know I hate the cold but as previously discussed, I really am trying to like it more this year. Or at least not complain about it as much and not be so miserable with it. I mean, it’s gonna happen regardless of how I feel about it, I might as well accept that and get on with my life. Anyways, yesterday was perfectly nice outside, about 75 degrees, beautiful sunny day then I was told that today it was supposed to snow. Now, anywhere other than Kansas people would probably be like, “What? Snow? After a day like this? Nah… Won’t happen.” Us in Kansas however know that it’s possible for all four seasons to occur within one day so it wasn’t too surprising to hear but I was still a bit sad. This morning however I was determined to make the best of my day, sure I don’t like the cold but that doesn’t mean I have to be so sad about it. So I woke up, made some coffee and got ready for class, bundled up and went outside to class. When I first left for class at about 9, it really wasn’t that bad and I was convinced the weatherman had been lying to us, once I got out of class at 1:20, I knew that was not the case. It was freezing and raining but I still was ok, I had a cute hat on and had prepared for my day with several layers and a coat. The rain and nasty looking clouds weren’t exactly encouraging but as I walked to work listening to Vampire Weekend songs on my iPod, I just decided to think about how some people do love this weather and God made it this way for a reason. So yeah, I’m a bit happier with this than normal. I still have a ways to go here but, hey, at least this post hasn’t been complaining about the cold wetness of outside.
Sorry for this über boring post about the weather by the way… My creativity for the day appears to be blocked. Hopefully I’ll be more interesting tomorrow.
Hope ♥
P.S. I’ve gained like 5 subscribers in the past week so I would just like to welcome and thank you all for reading! Any readers to my blog make me happy and I love you all!

*Sigh* I hate this….

Yesterday if you notice from my pictures, it was quite nice outside. 70 degrees in fact. Perfect almost-spring day. Tomorrow’s forecast, you ask? 50 degrees. The rest of the week, 60’s and 70’s. So what’s happening right now? Lots and lots of snow. As in 5 inches of snow. What? Why is the weather so FREAKING BI-POLAR! I mean honestly! This is just ridiculous. It started off fairly nice weather this morning but a bit cold, then, it started getting overcast and rainy-looking. When Kendra (my roommate) and I got half way back to college and then it started pouring AND snowing. It was ridiculous, then we passed through it and it was fine again. Now it started again… a lot. :/ I wish it would stop.
Well, that’s about all I have to say for the day.
Hope you’re all doing splendidly!
Also, here’s a song suggestion for the day!
Hope ♥

Snow is the Spawn of the Devil.

Ok so I never wrote again last night like I promised because it took me quite a while to finish my paper that I had to turn into today. But no worries, I’m still planning on writing a meaningful post right after this one, but in this one I need to rant. Rant about the snow and how terribly cold it is. And awful. And wet. And slippery. And blowy. (I’m pretty dang sure that blowy is not a word but now it is so don’t worry about it! :P) It’s currently 10 degrees outside here with a windchill of -11. Fun stuff right? I just love it! It’s my favorite. NOT. Needless to say I was NOT happy about going outside in the snow to get to my classes but because I am a goody-goody who would never skip class, I went. First I had history and walking there was cold and slippery but it wasn’t snowing to badly at that point, the wind was just awful. When I came out of class however, it was all the aforementioned things plus it was snowing a bit heavily whilst blowing around all over the place, making it extremely difficult to see as I made my way to the building for English. English class was fine, nothing to exciting, we worked on our papers the whole time and peer reviewed them for each other. It was pretty easy but the whole time I was dreading going back out into the snow, the one good point of this whole thing was the fact that my English teacher gave us a bit of extra credit for just bothering to show up in the snow, so that was good but walking back was not pleasant. I have never been so cold in all of my life! I was quite upset… But now I’m sitting, watching Lost (1st episode of season 6 now!) and drinking my yummy tea.
That’s all of my rant for today, I just had to let you all hear how sad the snow makes me. For the millionth time. :)

Hope ♥

No more snow days…

Well, after two snow days, I had really been hoping for a third one yesterday. I really didn’t expect us to get three in a row but still, I was hoping. Hoping so much so that Tuesday night, though I was quite sure I was going to have to get up at 8 the next morning, I and 4 other friends with early Wednesday classes stayed up til roughly 1:30 watching Toy Story 3 and Despicable Me. (Two of the best movies ever by the way!) Needless to say we regretted it a bit in the morning when we got texted at 6 saying we were having class but it was quite fun. And I’m proud to say that’s going to be my biggest regret in college, no going out and partying for this girl! I think we have way more fun than partiers do anyways. :)
Yesterday was not the best day of my life, while walking to Acting class, I hit a patch of sidewalk that looked like pure snow but turned out to be just ice. Basically, I was just walking along then all of a sudden I wasn’t. I was laying flat on my back… Needless to say, I was quite cold and wet and I’m still sore a bit today. After that other than being cold the rest of the day I was ok. I just didn’t like walking in ice and snow. I absolutely hate winter.
Today wasn’t that bad, I’m done with class so I’m just doing some homework and such before Bible study tonight. And trying to stay warm…
Well, I suppose I should go finish my homework now. And then I can watch some more Lost. :) Update: I’m now on season 5! So good!
That’s all for today!
Hope ♥