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I’ve never been so happy to be wrong.

The snow! It came! And school has been cancelled! I was wrong! I would have placed money on the fact that our University would not cancel because they never do but they did! :D

Yesterday after class, I was sitting and lunch, arguing with freshman on how they’d never cancel when I received a text saying that they had. Now, it’s a miracle they cancelled it at all but the fact that they called it before there was any snow to even be seen is even more so, usually if they cancel for anything, they’ve cancelled at 6 that morning.

Needless to say, since there was nothing that had to be done today, there was much silly times last night. We watched Hot Rod, ate macaroni and cheese, stayed up til 5am just hanging out. It was perfect. :)

Today we all slept in a bit (For obvious reasons) played some board games and we’re currently just chilling out and making Andrew finish watching BBC Sherlock.

Snow days are the best days.

Hope <3


No. Snow. Stahp.

Welcome to Kansas, where one week it’s warm enough to go without a coat and the next there’s a huge winter storm coming.

Tomorrow we’re supposed to get 8-12 inches of snow, now I’m assuming the weather people are as usual about the amount but I feel certain it will at least be very cold which I’m not happy about. I hate the snow! But the worst part about it is our University does not close for snow. Or anything. Like for real, I’m pretty sure the zombie apocalypse could happen and they’d still have school…

All the freshman here are like yeah! School’s totally gonna be closed tomorrow! But no, I’m willing to bet that everything will still happen. Sure, individual teachers might cancel class but I will still have to go to work at 8am and it appears that none of my teachers will cancel so instead of a happy snow day, I’ll have a sad day trudging through who knows how much snow. Sigh.

I really hope the weather/University proves me wrong this time…

Mad, Impossible Adventure

Today the weather was absolutely gorgeous and one of my classes got out early so I went and laid outside and took pictures of the gorgeous fall colors. While laying there and breathing in the warm fall breeze, I was overcome with a great sense of adventure. I just wanted to travel, to see the world, to have mad, impossible adventures. I want to see the world, explore things that aren’t known, stop for crying children and question everything. I’m tired of being the girl who waited, I want to go, get out, do something. There’s so much to see out there and I feel like those who don’t do their best to see everything they can are wasting their time, go out, experience things, see thing you’ve never dreamed of.
In the words of Bilbo Baggins, “I think I’m quite ready for another adventure.”
Who’s with me?

I’m trying to be happy with the cold, really I am.

Well, it happened. It got cold today (Wow, real interesting post, Hope. Let’s talk about the weather again…) as was inevitable. As you all know I hate the cold but as previously discussed, I really am trying to like it more this year. Or at least not complain about it as much and not be so miserable with it. I mean, it’s gonna happen regardless of how I feel about it, I might as well accept that and get on with my life. Anyways, yesterday was perfectly nice outside, about 75 degrees, beautiful sunny day then I was told that today it was supposed to snow. Now, anywhere other than Kansas people would probably be like, “What? Snow? After a day like this? Nah… Won’t happen.” Us in Kansas however know that it’s possible for all four seasons to occur within one day so it wasn’t too surprising to hear but I was still a bit sad. This morning however I was determined to make the best of my day, sure I don’t like the cold but that doesn’t mean I have to be so sad about it. So I woke up, made some coffee and got ready for class, bundled up and went outside to class. When I first left for class at about 9, it really wasn’t that bad and I was convinced the weatherman had been lying to us, once I got out of class at 1:20, I knew that was not the case. It was freezing and raining but I still was ok, I had a cute hat on and had prepared for my day with several layers and a coat. The rain and nasty looking clouds weren’t exactly encouraging but as I walked to work listening to Vampire Weekend songs on my iPod, I just decided to think about how some people do love this weather and God made it this way for a reason. So yeah, I’m a bit happier with this than normal. I still have a ways to go here but, hey, at least this post hasn’t been complaining about the cold wetness of outside.
Sorry for this über boring post about the weather by the way… My creativity for the day appears to be blocked. Hopefully I’ll be more interesting tomorrow.
Hope ♥
P.S. I’ve gained like 5 subscribers in the past week so I would just like to welcome and thank you all for reading! Any readers to my blog make me happy and I love you all!

I’ll Never Be That Girl

I will always just be the friend, I might even be the good friend but I’ll never be the one anyone falls for. I’ll be the one who’s always there to listen (Which I’m always glad to do by the way, don’t get me wrong!) and who will do anything for anyone but I’ll never be the one that anyone loves as more than a friend. I’ll never be the one someone dreams about or make them smile when they see me. I’ll never have someone just want to grab me in their arms and kiss me. I have amazing people in my life so I need to stop worrying about all this crap but I can’t help it, I just want to be loved. Not just for myself but I want someone to love, someone who I can make happy when they’re sad. Someone who will love me unconditionally that I’ll love to. Someone to spend the rest of my life with.
Ah. Sorry I’m so angsty again, I didn’t post for almost a week and now it’s just an angsty post again. Maybe it’s the weather (Which got freakishly cold today therefore making me depressed) or maybe it’s just how I’m feeling. Either way, that’s how my day is going… Here are currently the songs of my life.

You Are My Favorite – Sophie Madeleine
Oh it’s sitting on the tip of my tongue
as we’re quietly strolling along.
I’ve been meaning to tell you for so long now
that it’s got me stuck in a hold somehow.
You’re looking me right in the eye.
We stop still and the world rushes by
and as I struggle to hide it inside I find that
I lack the courage to tell you.
And all I can manage to say is
“You are by far my favourite.
and I’ve been thinking it’s about time that you knew.
That you are by far my favourite.
And I hope that I’m by far your favourite too.”

When It’s Time – Green Day (But I like the version by the American Idiot Soundtrack better)
All I want is you to understand
That when I take your hand
It’s ’cause I want to
We are all born in a world of doubt
And there’s no doubt
I figured out
I love you
And I feel lonely for
All the losers that will never take the time to say
What was really on their mind instead
They just hide away
Yet they’ll never have
Someone like you to guard them
And help along the way
Or tell them “when it’s time?, to say I love you”
So tell me “when it’s time, to say I love you”

The most random hail storm ever

Today was actually a pretty boring day. I went to church, did my homework then caught up on the shows I hadn’t watched throughout the week due to watching Doctor Who instead (Parenthood, Fairly Legal and SNL). About 6 I left my dorm to go take some pictures and then meet my acting partner to practice. First I have to mention that today was BEAUTIFUL! 90 degrees, sunny, puffy white clouds, just gorgeous! Then, right as I left my dorm, storm clouds came out of no where and it started raining and hailing! I ran to the nearest building and waited under the cover for about 5 minutes then the rain and hail just stopped. It was super random!
That was really the most exciting thing I did today though before church I did get to watch one episode of Doctor Who and afterwards we watched another one taking a short break from homework. Unfortunately, the one we watched was the beginning of a 3 part continuation…so hopefully we’ll be able to finish that soon!
Anyways, that’s about it! Here are some pictures from today!
Hope ♥

*Sigh* I hate this….

Yesterday if you notice from my pictures, it was quite nice outside. 70 degrees in fact. Perfect almost-spring day. Tomorrow’s forecast, you ask? 50 degrees. The rest of the week, 60’s and 70’s. So what’s happening right now? Lots and lots of snow. As in 5 inches of snow. What? Why is the weather so FREAKING BI-POLAR! I mean honestly! This is just ridiculous. It started off fairly nice weather this morning but a bit cold, then, it started getting overcast and rainy-looking. When Kendra (my roommate) and I got half way back to college and then it started pouring AND snowing. It was ridiculous, then we passed through it and it was fine again. Now it started again… a lot. :/ I wish it would stop.
Well, that’s about all I have to say for the day.
Hope you’re all doing splendidly!
Also, here’s a song suggestion for the day!
Hope ♥