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Finals are the worst.

Oh gosh, how I hate finals. They’re really the worst! Why can’t we just accept the grade we got in the class and be done with it? I mean really, that would make perfect sense but no, instead we have to take finals that are ridiculous and stupid and I have all three of my finals tomorrow. I wish they had all been at the beginning of the week just so I could get them over with! I have History (which I’m slightly worried about because I FEEL like I know all the information but the teacher always asks random questions we never talked about!) then Juvenile Delinquency (Don’t laugh! It’s a real class! It’s for my Criminology major!) then Spanish 4. Arg. Now all of my friends are done with theirs and I’m having to study, it’s the worst! I just want to hang out and also watch more TV… Alas, I cannot. Though I did take quite a long break and watch a lot of Charlieissocoollike’s videos on YouTube. He just makes me laugh a lot which is something I needed since I’m sorta freaking out… I mean, I know I have two A’s for the semester but the three finals I’m taking tomorrow I have low B’s in those classes and yes, I’ve tried my very hardest but I CAN’T get a C! I will be super disappointed with myself and my parent’s will kill me I just, ah…. I’m so stressed. :( I need this to be over with! Not that this summer will be any better but my brain is just completely checked out of school stuff.
I cannot wait til tomorrow is over!
Hope ♥


Boys on bikes with bow ties.

Today has been a rather wonderful day! It started with me walking to class (Ok, fine, it started with me getting out of bed, getting dressed and going to breakfast… but the interesting part started on the walk to Acting!) when I saw a random guy riding his bike. What’s special about this you ask? Oh, nothing much, just the fact that he was wearing a tux and a bow tie while doing so. Basically, I want him to be my best friend, because he’s obviously pretty cool. Bow ties are cool. :) After that, in Acting we were just going over different techniques of acting when my teacher said something about how British actors are more technical actors while in the US we use method acting more. Knowing my deep love of Doctor Who, at the mention of British acting, my friend Danny started cracking up. So of course I had to explain my deep love and affection for said TV show. At this point, another guy in my class was like, “Yes! Great show! I have a sonic screwdriver at home!” Needless to say, I will now be talking to this guy a lot more… :)
After Acting, I went to Spanish where I found out I got an A on my last test! It was wonderful. I’m not sure I’ve ever gotten an A on a Spanish test before! I’ve come close, gotten mostly B’s and such but never an A!
The rest of my day was pretty uneventful thus far. I have an advising appointment with my advisor later to figure out what classes I’m taking next semester and a bit of homework I need to do then Bible study tonight. That’s pretty much it.
I hope you’re all having a splendid day!
Hope ♥

Napoleon Dynamite is really retarded…

I’m finally done! No more finals and I can go home tomorrow!! Soooo excited! :) It took long enough. I cannot wait to see everyone! :)

After my Spanish final this morning I went back to bed (7:30 finals really wear you out!) then I got up, ate lunch and watched the Sing Off with my dear Allie :) When that was over with I decided I should probably pack up my room since I am leaving for a month tomorrow. When I was done with that, Allie came in our room to watch Napoleon Dynamite. I just don’t understand the fascination with this movie… it’s so retarded… I don’t get it.

Yesterday, I spent most of the day studying (well sort of… theres only so long you can spend studying Spanish…) so when I was done with that, Allie and I decided to take pictures with her webcam. First we took some of Allie, Kendra and me on Allie’s computer then after supper Allie and I took 100 of the two of us on my computer. Hurray for finals week! That was pretty exciting. And of course we had my little penguins, Simon and Phillip in some of the pictures too. And of let’s not forget the fingerstaches! Good day. Then after that, Brianna and I took some pictures together too. Hurray for pictures!

Well, I suppose that’s about it. I’m just so glad to be done!

Hope ♥

Yo odio Español.

Well, this week I don’t have to terribly much to do, for which I’m very thankful, but I did have an interview with my spanish teacher this afternoon where I had to talk to her for 10 minutes. I’m just not sure how that went… :/ I’m a little nervous to find out my grade but hopefully I did ok… Now all I have to do for the week is write a speech, which is about Lord of the Rings, a topic I could talk for hours about with absolutely no notes so I don’t think that will be a problem. :) Then I need to start studying for finals! :) Hopefully those will go well, then, I’m all done with my first semester of college! :) Good deal!

I. Cannot. Wait. For. Break. Sigh. Two weeks seems so far away! But hopefully it’ll somehow go quickly!

I just really want break to get here now!

Well, I suppose that’s really all I have to say.. Oh, our dorm is doing a Secret Santa thing, I’m pretty excited about that! I’ve never done Secret Santa before. It makes me think of the Office. Best episode ever – Yankee Swap. :) “YAAAANKEE SWAP! That’s what makes it fun :) Oh Michael Scott. :)

Well,  I think that really is it now!

Hope ♥

Today has been a really weird day. :/

Ok, today has been one of the strangest days of my life, while all the strange things have been pretty bad, they’ve all turned out ok and it’s been a fairly good day but still, it’s been odd.

First thing making it odd: I woke up at 2:30 this morning thinking it was time to get up, then went back to bed and dreamed a very odd dream.

Second thing: I’ve been dropping EVERYTHING I touch today… And then I was just laying on my bed and I lightly tapped the guard rail of my lofted bed and it fell off! Not exactly reassuring.. So I put it back on, then it fell off again. I’m a little worried to go to sleep tonight… :/ Hopefully I won’t roll to terribly much…

Third odd thing: I had a meeting with my Leadership Studies group leader and I was doing Spanish homework beforehand so I set the alarm on my phone to remind me when to go to my meeting. The meeting was at 2:40, I look at my phone at 2:43, panic, jump off my bed and run to the library. Fortunately the meeting she had beforehand lasted long so I arrived just as that guy was leaving but still, I was quite panicked. Turned out, I set the alarm for a.m. Wow, good job, Hope.

What else have I done with my day you ask? Well, I went to Speech this morning, came back and Kendra and I decorated our dorm for Christmas, lights, stockings and a baby tree! :) It looks fantastic if I do say so myself, then of course we watched the new episode of the Office (Which by the way was magnificent!) Then we went to lunch, came back and we settled in to do homework. Exciting day right? :) Tonight we’re going to the Union to see Raiders of the Lost Arc for a dollar! :) Great movie!

Well, hopefully nothing else to odd goes on for the rest of the day.. Unless it’s a good kind of odd!

~ Hope Kristen ~



Relief at last! My sociology project is done, my Spanish paper is done and in an hour and a half, I will have finally given my Spanish presentation. Phew. Thought this day would never come! It certainly took long enough.  Now all I have to do before next week is finish my online Spanish assignment. This is such a relief, I can see the end of the semester, it’s finally in sight. Like a light at the end of a very dark tunnel.

Now, tonight I can just sit back with my floor mates, watch Beauty and the Beast and drink some coffee. Relaxing – What a concept!

When this day is over it will definitely be a blessing!

Headed to Spanish now, wish me luck!

Hope ♥

Cause everything you do, is super duper cute and I can’t stand it!

Well it’s been a few days since I last wrote but I’ve been kinda swamped in Spanish homework. I’m almost done though so I thought I could write again. All I’ve really done the past few days is homework with the exception of a movie party in the room next to me last night where we watched Clueless. I’d never seen it before. For a chick flick, I suppose it was ok. :-)

Another thing I’ve been doing is CONSTANTLY listening to NeverShoutNever. Oh. My. Gosh. I just can’t get enough of him! He’s soooo good! And his songs are so great and just adorable! He’s one of the few artists that has just happy songs. I love them!

I’m pretty excited about the 3 day weekend this week. It’ll be great! I even get to go home! Hopefully I’ll be able to see some of my good friends! Since I miss them deeply. Plus it’ll be good to sleep in my own bed!

Well, I guess that’s really all I have to say…


Esperanza <3