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A Note to God

Please help me never forget everything you’ve done for me. You’re amazing and so good to me even when I feel lost, alone, unloved and unworthy. I can rest in the thought that I am absolutely none of those things.
– I was lost, but You found me, and rescued me from my sin and despair.
– I was alone but then You came to me and comforted me and held me.
– I was unloved but You loved me more than anyone else possibly could. You sent Your only son to die for my sins, to cleanse me of all unrighteousness
– I was unworthy, but You saw the good in me, You’ve loved me and cleansed me and called me worthy of Your love and worthy to be called Your daughter, Your princess.

You are so good to me, on a daily, no, minute-ly basis yet still I’m stupid and I forget. I have the worst memory about these things and it makes me mad at myself. You’ve done everything for me, I would literally be nothing without You but still I’m stupid and want to go off on my own sometimes or I feel bad for myself and feel all of these things that You have saved me from. Help me always have You at the forefront of my mind and help me glorify You through all things. You’ve said me from death, destruction and endless torture, living my life for You is literally the least I could do.

Thank You:
– For giving me a place to stay this summer
– For giving me a job this summer
– For letting me have a job that is relatively easy and relaxing
– For letting me have all the friends that I do
– For always providing me with more than enough of everything I need
– For blessing me with things that are more than I need, but things I just want
– For giving me the abilities You’ve given me
– For blessing me with the talents of writing and photography, that I can use to glorify You
– For letting Carrie come and visit this weekend
– For introducing me to new friends for the summer so I’m not alone
– For giving me the means to communicate with my friends that I miss
– For giving me the passion to be excited about all of the weird things I love
– For giving me books and movies and fictional worlds that I can live in and experience in my mind
– For giving me love for other people, sometimes I think I care too much because sometimes I get hurt but I know that it’s better to have loved and lost than never have loved at all.
– For giving me my bike for transportation this summer
– For giving us Your word in the Bible that we can read and get to know You more
– For giving us the ability to even know You at all, to have a relationship with the Creator of the ENTIRE universe.

You are so beyond good to me, help me never take it for granted.


“So this is how Liberty dies… With thunderous applause.” ~ Padmé Amidala

I usually try not to get all political on my blog here but today that’s gonna change a bit. You should all know that I am a conservative and I do not agree with the recent passing of ObamaCare and I am not a fan of President Obama (However he is in authority of my country, I will respect that though I don’t agree with his opinions).

That however is not exactly what I’m going to talk about in this post, what I want to discuss in the lack of caring in our country. It’s not just that so many people are ok with the government taking over and MAKING people buy insurance, it’s the fact that people don’t care. Liberty is dying, we are not as free as we once were and if things continue like this we won’t be free at all and no one cares. People keep posting things on Facebook like “Obama’s got swag” or talking about how cool the Obama family is. Listen up, I don’t care, it’s not our President’s job to be cool, it’s his job to make rules that are in the interest of the people and to actually run the country. Not go on vacations at least once a month and waste our tax dollars, or to be perceived as cool and trendy, that is not in his job description. He’s not supposed to be a celebrity, he’s supposed to be a leader. A leader we can trust to make the right choices, the choices that will benefit us as the American people. Like I said, I will respect that he’s our President, God told us in the Bible to respect our leaders, even when we don’t agree with them but I don’t have to like his policies and actions.
And I certainly don’t like the decline of caring on behalf of the American people.

To me, it’s tragic, and heartbreaking, we need to stand up and start caring again. And get our country back.

At this point we need a miracle, but that doesn’t appear like it’s going to happen. And why should it? Our country has forgotten God, has forgotten what we built this country on, people don’t want a miracle, they want to keep living how they want to live. So why should we get a miracle?
All we can do now is pray that God will have mercy on us once more and bring us out of this.

Hope ♥


Learning to trust God is obviously a huge part of the Christian faith and is an important aspect to life. This past year, I’ve been learning to trust God more than ever before. This summer I will be on my own for the first time because I’ll be staying in my college town to stay at my job and as exciting as that is, it’s weird to think that I’ll be on my own. Paying rent, buying my own food, working 9 hours a day. I’m scared about all these things but I know that God is in control and has a perfect plan for my life. One cool thing about this summer that I’m excited about is I have every Friday, Saturday and Sunday off so while it’s gonna be hard not to waste time during those days, I’m going to try and have some random adventures and really pray about what I can do to really glorify God with my time off and serve Him. I’m also going to try to spend some time getting in shape, because I need to be healthier and after all, my body is a temple of God so I should probably treat it better. I’m excited. This summer like all other times in my life is going to take a lot of trust but I think it’ll be a really cool learning and growing experience and I’m excited.
I hope you’re all doing well! :)
Hope ♥

I Waste a Lot of Time

I wrote yesterday about how awesome the sermon at church was on Sunday but really Sunday was just all kinds of wonderful. In the evening Sunday, Kyle, Jared and I ended up having an amazing discussion about just all the cool things God is doing in our lives and we shared encouragement with each other. Also during that time Kyle prayed over me and Jared individually and it was just an awesome experience. At about 1:30am Kyle went to bed but then Jared and I ended up staying up talking and worshiping God until 3am. I was definitely exhausted all day yesterday (Though a nice two-hour nap after work helped that) but it was completely worth it and I definitely don’t regret a moment of it!
During this time of fellowship, it was discussed a little bit about giving up things for the Lord and focusing on Him more instead of focusing on our worldly possessions and things that totally don’t matter. When we were talking about this I was convicted of just how much time I waste especially on the internet. Now don’t misunderstand me, I don’t think there’s anything inherently wrong with the internet, I think it’s a wonderful tool really and it has honestly helped me in so many ways I would shudder to think what I would do without it. That being said, for the next week or so I have downloaded an extension for Google Chrome to block some of my time-wasting sites so I can’t get on them. During this time I plan on spending more time studying my Bible, spending my time with people and loving on them and working on school work. You might be asking why I didn’t block WordPress but honestly though I post just about every day, I actually don’t waste too much time on here, I read a few blogs, I post and I check my stats about twice a day but that’s about it and I realized that WordPress is also a site where I talk about my faith a lot and hopefully I’m reading some of my readers for Him and I’m trying to really bring glory to God through this site. Sure, I try to do the same on other sites like Twitter and Tumblr but I also spend a lot of pointless time browsing those sites so I’m off of them for the week. Some of my friends are doubting I can do this but honestly I know I can. I’m doing this for God and to really try to focus on Him and meditate on what He wants me to do instead of just wasting time on things that don’t matter.
So, what about you all? Do you have things God is wanting you give up for a while? How do you all focus on God and work on giving Him the glory He deserves?
Thanks as always for reading!
Hope ♥

When He Was Hanging on the Cross, He was Thinking of you.

Today on Facebook, I had about 5 friends post this video. I watched it and was so touched by it that I had to share. Everything this man says is so true. Christianity isn’t a religion, it’s a relationship with Jesus. When He was killed on that Cross two thousand years ago, He wasn’t thinking of Himself like any human would when they were being put to death, He was thinking of me, and of you, and of everyone that would ever walk this earth. He was thinking of how much He loves us all. This video is perfect because it truly describes Christianity, it’s not some religion, religion isn’t why we’re here. Religion kills innocent people on a daily basis. This is about a relationship, a loving, perfect relationship with someone who cares enough about you to die so you can live eternity in Heaven. And that to me is pretty amazing.

It’s That Time Again

Well, it’s that time. The time for me to go home, it’s Christmas break which means I’m gonna be home for a whole month. As you all know that’s not my favorite thing and I dread it quite a lot in fact. This time is a little different, I’m still really dreading going home but after a really long, tearful, meaningful heart to heart with some of the people on my floor tonight (and by tonight I mean well into the morning as well) I’ve just been so encouraged. They encourage me with their love, and their love of God and just helping me realize that no matter what I’m gonna face at home this month, God is bigger than any of that. Yeah it sucks and the devil is so obviously at work right now and so prevalent in situations in my life but God is even more prevalent and He has a plan and with Him I have a future and a hope and that’s just so encouraging. I always pray about being strong and not letting my parents get to me (especially my mom) when they go off for hours about how terrible I am but until tonight I hadn’t really given much thought to how, even though my mom doesn’t seem to love me and care about me, I need to care about and love her. That’s what we’re called to do, I hadn’t given any thought to the fact that my mom’s life sucks right now too. She has a nerve disease that causes her to be bedridden (Correction, I have often thought about how much that sucks, it just hit me in a different way tonight) and I think that’s part of where her depression and angry and whatever it is she has against me stems from, it’s gonna be super hard but I just need to remember that when she’s telling me all this stuff, remember that she’s going through crap too and no matter what God loves me and He put me in this situation for a reason. I have no freaking idea what that reason is, but I’m a child of God, He made me in His image, He thinks I’m beautiful and I’m called to be a warrior for Him. We’re in a battle right now, it’s so clear. Like obviously Satan is just throwing his power everywhere, everywhere I look I can see the Devil’s work and all his crap and ridiculous stuff he’s throwing into my life and the lives of my friends and I hate it and it makes me so angry to see how he’s hurting people but God is bigger than He’ll ever be, and He’s more powerful and love will always win out over evil and hate and pain and suffering and God will always take care of His children and He just loves us so no matter how bad this earthly crap is, the awesomeness we’ll get to experience when we get to be with God will be worth all this suffering. God is awesome and we need to just remember that and keep fighting, when we get discouraged and down and depressed that’s Satan’s way of getting us away from God and making us focus on ourselves instead of God’s plan for us and for our battle. This is a war, that yeah, God’s gonna win in the end but we need to keep fighting for our lives and the lives of others in the meantime. This war isn’t done and this crap the Devil is throwing at us is just a war tactic to throw us off his destruction.
So yeah, this might sound kinda rambly since I’m writing it at almost 4 in the morning but God is just so awesome and He’s given me the most encouraging family of friends ever. My friends (Who I am considering to be my family because that’s how I feel about them) are always there for me to encourage me and just pray for me and my friends that they don’t even know and it’s just awesome how much I can see God through all of them.
I love Jesus and I just want you all to know that. First and foremost comes my Jesus. Always.

Hope ♥


Happy Thanksgiving everyone! As most of you know, holidays in my house are not the greatest so I’m not gonna get into that today since I’m supposed to be trying to be thankful (Emphasis right now on the trying.) so I thought instead I’d just write a bit about the things I’m thankful for the most.
First and foremost, I’m thankful for God, who has given me my life and everything in it, while I sometimes get frustrated with my family and the way things in my life are going, I know that God has a plan out there for me and He has always provided me with everything I need and without Him I obviously wouldn’t even be here. He’s my Lord, Savior and best friend and he will always be first in my life. Second and also very important, I’m thankful for my friends and the people who care about me. I’ve been blessed with some amazing people in my life and honestly I wouldn’t get very far at all without them, the friends who are always there for me and who can sometimes see through the disguise of my saying I’m fine when really I’m not ok at all. The friends who I know would (and who have) done anything for me. I can’t even describe how blessed I am to have them in my life and my thankfulness can’t be put into words. I’m thankful for living in America and for having the freedom to do what I like and worship how I please. I’m thankful for being blessed to live in a place where I’ve never gone hungry or gone to bed without a roof over my head. I’m thankful for movies and books to keep me entertained and to transport me into new worlds. I’m thankful that there are amazing authors in the world who can keep creating new stories and worlds to transport me to. I’m thankful for Doctor Who and Harry Potter and the other fantasy things I enjoy that have all changed my life immensely. I’m thankful for music, without it I don’t know what I’d do, I constantly listen to music and it can help me in any mood I’m in and can touch me like nothing else. I’m thankful for pie, which is my favorite of all desserts and makes me quite happy. I’m thankful for my cell phone and the internet to keep me in touch with my friends all over the country and even the world. I’m thankful for my laptop which I spend quite a bit (possibly too much) time on. I’m thankful for the privilege of being able to go to college and get an education that will help me in the future. I’m thankful for how amazing the college I attend is and how beautiful it appears. I’m thankful for being able to live in the dorms where I’ve met some of my closest friends and people I know I will care for and treasure forever. I’m thankful for every single person (at least the ones I know..) living on West 5 this year, you truly have become my family, even though we’ve now only known each other for 3 months, living on the same floor as all of you has been one of the best things to ever happen and you will always mean the world to me. I’m thankful for everything else I’ve been blessed with in my life, so much that it would take years to write it all down. Last but not least, I’m thankful to you, each one of my readers, I don’t just write to get more readers, I write a lot to get my thoughts out but each time I see I have another view or another subscriber, my heart jumps in excitement at the thought of someone else caring to read what I put time and thought into writing.
I know this has been a bit of a clichéd Thanksgiving post but I honestly meant every word.
Thanks for reading and I hope you all have a wonderful holiday!
Hope ♥