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A List of Hope’s Talents (Compiled by Hope and friends)

I don’t have a lot of things I’m good at but recently my friends have been making a list of the things I am good at when they find such things, the list appears below.

– Watching entire TV shows super fast

– Untangling necklaces

– Catching Sonjay’s keys

– Being the weirdest person anyone knows

– Not caring that she’s the weirdest person anyone knows

– Debating Marvel vs. DC comics with anyone who brings them up

– Knowing a lot of unimportant fandom related trivia

– Making brownies and frosting

– Being good at Tumblr (822 followers is doing ok I think…)


My Life In Facebook Statuses (Part 3)

December 12: Hope then dramatically hurled all her papers and threw them in the trash because she was finally finished with finals.

December 13: Having a Lord of the Rings marathon is the best way to prepare for the Hobbit tonight!!

December 14: Oh my gosh. The Hobbit. I can’t. My feels. Peter Jackson. Ah. I don’t even have words.

December 16: I wish I could just hibernate through break. I feel like that situation would be a win for everyone involved.

December 19: “How do you pick up the threads of an old life? How do you go on… when in your heart you begin to understand… there is no going back?” ~ Frodo Baggins

* Obviously not one I wrote but was incredibly relevant throughout break.*

December 20: Accordion to a recent survey, replacing words with the names of musical instruments in a sentence often goes undetected.

December 20: Well, if the world does end tomorrow, at least my last act today was a Star Wars party and finding more Redditors. Excellent.

December 21: “I was so alone, and I owe you so much.” ~ John Watson *Bursts into never ending tears* Why. Why did I re-watch The Reichenbach Fall.

December 22: You all think the Mayans were wrong about the world ending, but did you stop to think that maybe someone was out there stopping our impending doom? “And his name is The Doctor. He has saved your lives so many times and you never even knew he was there. He never stops, he never stays, he never asks to be thanked. But I’ve seen him, I know him. I love him. And I know what he can do.”

December 22: I can now confirm that the Hobbit is even better the second time around and is in fact worth seeing in IMAX 3D. Peter Jackson, you flawless person, I need to give you a hug.

December 24: Me: Hey dad, Noelle, do you want to hear how fast I can named the dwarves of the Hobbit?

Dad: No.
Me: Fili, Kili, Nori, Ori, Dori, Dwalin, Balin, Bifur, Bofur, Bombur, Oin, Gloin and Thorin.
Dad: Was Tolkien on drugs when naming them?
Me: WHAT!? No! Obviously their names sound the same because they’re related!
Dad: I can’t believe you can say all those names with a serious face…
Me: HOW ELSE WOULD YOU SAY THEM!? Here are the pictures.
*starts pointing out each dwarf*
*Dad starts looking away*
Dad: I’m IGNORIN’.

*Sigh* My family…

December 25:  Dear body,
When I set my laptop away and laid under my covers with my eyes closed, it meant that I wanted to go to sleep, not suddenly become more awake than I’ve been for the rest of the day. I don’t think you understand, I actually have to wake up early in the morning and I would like some sleep for that so I don’t fall asleep randomly or have yet another headache tomorrow.
So yeah… if I could fall asleep some time really soon, that’d be a cool Christmas present.

December 31: I’m sure glad I have Facebook to let me know it snowed outside. Otherwise I would have never been able to tell by looking out my window or anything. Also, the only thing that makes this snow ok is apparently they named this winter storm Gandalf. So, that’s acceptable I suppose.

December 31: I felt like I should post a deep, moving status before the end of the year, maybe mention my goals for 2013 or how much I love everyone but while I do love you all, I’m afraid I really don’t have anything deep to say. What I do have to say is I’m spending my last minutes of 2012 doing what means a lot to me, watching Doctor Who with a friend. Happy New Year friends, may we spend this new year with those we care about and be the best we can and do what’s important. I’m blessed to have you all in my life. :)

January 1: “Hope is like an older, excitable puppy… Or an older basset hound.. You can’t say no when she asks you nicely.” ~ Michael – Nicest thing anyone has ever said about me.

January 1: Noelle: Wow, it got really quiet in here.

Tj: Oh sorry… That’s because I was thinking about para-pelagic penguins. Like if I found one, I would keep it as a pet. Because then it couldn’t run away.

January 4: Sometimes when I get bored I compile pictures of how drastically my hair has changed since I graduated high school, and even that wasn’t my natural hair color, in fact, over half of you have never even seen my natural hair. But hey, what’s hair for if you can’t change it, right? :D603080_10151227208744033_472459986_nJanuary 4: Dear person who just drove by me as I was laying down taking pictures in my yard,
Please don’t give me that strange look. Sometimes the clouds look awesome and need to be photographed immediately and one doesn’t always have time to change out of their fuzzy socks and put on shoes.
A girl obsessed with taking pictures (Especially of awesome clouds)

January 9: Well, it took me long enough but I have finally finished all of Firefly and Serenity. It was beautiful, flawless and heartbreaking and I will never know why it only got one season. Also thanks for breaking my heart, Joss Whedon. You can go join the list of people I both love and hate simultaneously with Steven Moffat.

January 14: In buying textbooks for my classes I discovered that one of my Criminology classes requires a Batman comic books for the class. Something tells me I’ll enjoy this class.

January 14: Finally learned how to play Yu-Gi-Oh tonight thanks to Megan. And after at least 30 of you had told me to, I finally started Breaking Bad. So yeah, that’s how I’m spending the last week before school starts…

January 16: *Boss walks into work*
Boss: Hi, Hope! We missed you. I heard you were a hipster.
Me: Um.. why am I hipster?
Boss: Oh I found a rap about hipsters on YouTube! I heard you were one.
Me: Oh, ok then…

January 16: This job makes me lose faith in humanity. It scares me a bit how many idiots they let into college. *Sigh*

January 17: It’s starting to become a daily occurrence for me to get in an intense DC vs Marvel debate. I regret nothing.

A Tale of Little Sleep and Fun with Friends

I apologize for my lack of updating as of late but finals week is currently happening and “dead week” (aka the teacher’s try to kill you with work week) was last week so for once I’ve actually been not procrastinating (as much) and have put my school work (and my friends) ahead of other things (like this blog).

Anyways, to pick up where my last update left off, just after I posted my last update, to continue the fun from our adventures, after my school’s home football game, Andrew texted me and David and told us we should come hang out, unfortunately neither of us have a car so we went to track someone down. Ben was going to bed (I mean, it was almost 1am by this point but who needs sleep? I can sleep when I’m dead.), Hailey was going to hang out with some other friends and everyone else with a car had something else to do (Mostly sleep…) so after searching for a while we finally convinced Blake that he should not stay up doing nothing and watching TV and should drive us. He did, and by the time we got to Andrew’s it was nearly 2am, we stayed there for a while as Andrew, David, Blake and James (Andrew’s roommate) played Super Smash Bros (And I watched due to lack of controllers) and then watched Avatar: The Last Airbender as they played Magic: The Gathering (Their main obsession in life). It was funny because while playing Super Smash, Blake told one of them to stop playing like a girl, then immediately realized  that I was there and he should apologize. Considering I have a pure hatred of 95% of the female population my response was, “Are you kidding me? I’m more sexist against women than most guys I know!” Being the amazing boyfriend he is and having a lot of the same opinions as I do, Andrew just turned to look at me and said, “Hope, I like you so much.” This all went on for a while until about 4:30 when David and I were like “Um, guys, we have to wake up about 8:30 for church…” so we left. (Like I said, I can sleep when I’m dead).

The next few days were uneventful until Tuesday after I got done with class and Hailey and I went to finally go get my bellybutton pierced! Surprisingly, though I was terrified beforehand it didn’t hurt at all and I really like it! When we got back, Hailey, Sonjay, Michael, Ben and I went to dinner and then the 5 of us plus David and Becca and Tia (Who I had just met at dinner) all went on our weekly swimming adventure to the University’s pool.

Thursday night, I went to my student ministry Navigators as usual (And gave the announcements because I’m an official MC now!!) and afterwards I got a text from Hailey saying that they were all (Her, David, Ben, Sonjay and Blake) going over to Andrew’s to watch a movie if I wanted to ride with them (The answer of course was yes, though fortunately for once I didn’t have classes Friday so it didn’t matter how late I stayed up!) so we went, hung out there and stayed until about 3.

Friday night, Carrie and I ate dinner together and then went to my friend Allie’s Christmas party and giggled and decorated cookies and colored out of coloring books (we’re totally adults guys, it’s fine!). Then Allie was like, “Check out this ginormous stocking I have! Two people will fit inside!” So of course Carrie and I being the mature, completely normal people we are got inside…


After that, we went back and I went bowling with David, Hailey, Michael, Ben, Sonjay, Blake and Tia (And by bowling I mean they were bowling and I didn’t want to spend money and I suck at bowling so I just hung out) and then went to Burger King.

Saturday was mostly spent studying (And thinking a lot about the Hobbit) until about 10 when I got a text from Andrew (who was also bored of studying) saying that they wanted to make pancakes and did I want to come (As you can all tell by this point, I don’t say no to hanging out really) so he, James and Ben picked me up and we went to his apartment where we were later joined by Sonjay and Blake. After our late night pancakes, we watched the movie Rat Race then decided to watch random things on Netflix. Sonjay and Ben decided about 2:30 that they were tired and should go to bed but Blake and I decided we should stay. After a while James went to bed too so Andrew and I were kinda cuddling on the couch with Blake sitting next to Andrew (Andrew asked if he wanted to cuddle with us but for some reason he said he’d pass…:P) then about 4 Andrew looked over and was like, “Um, Hope. What time do you have to get up for church?” I replied 8:40 and he of course asked with a bit of concern if I would be ok, the answer was yes, I can sleep when I’m dead.

Since then I’ve been studying, working a bit and I’ve taken 5 of my 6 finals (The last final is in about 4 hours, I’m SO ready to be done! And then I’ll stay at school til Friday evening!). Last night, I went to bed early (at 10:30, so we’re talking EXTREMELY early), not because I was tired but because I simply was bored of studying and had nothing else to do. Then (fortunately my phone was on), Andrew texted me about 11:30 and asked if I wanted to go get something to eat with all of them. The answer was yes and that proves just how much I like this kid, I woke up, got out of my bunk bed and changed out of my pajamas to go hang out with them. :) He’s worth it though. After eating Ben wanted to continue hanging with James and Andrew and though I had to work this morning at 8 I said I wanted to as well. So we went to Andrew’s apartment, watched Futurama (as Andrew and I were cuddling on the couch some more. :D) and stayed until 3-ish. So yes, again I got roughly 4 hours of sleep but it’s ok. After my final at 2pm I have nothing else to do and can sleep and hang out til I go home Friday.

Basically, this is the story of my life right now, and I regret nothing.

tumblr_l664v5mr3z1qanb21o1_500_thumbHope ♥


Adventure Time!

No this post title is not a reference to the brilliantly, fantastic, cartoon children’s show on Cartoon Network that I’ve recently gotten addicted too, it’s about my own life adventures. :D But for future reference, Adventure Time is by far one of the best shows currently on.

So this weekend started off with me having absolutely no plans and kind of expecting to be bored the whole time. As has proved true in the past, this keeps turning out to be the best way to start a weekend because spontaneous adventures are more fun!

So yesterday, I went to work and while being kind of bored at work, my supervisor Ben (Who is not my usual supervisor, he’s usually in a different part of the office but our normal one was out for the day) started teasing me about my excitement for the Hobbit (You guys for real have no idea, it’s getting weird and over the top and scaring people, TWELVE MORE DAYS!!!!!) and then randomly got on the subject of Gangnam style. Yes, the Korean singer/dancer Psy has kind of exploded with popularity and nearly everyone knows the song and dance to Gangnam style but I wasn’t quite expecting Ben to reference it, but then it got better because he was complaining about how he couldn’t do part of the dance so he tried to practice, at the front of our office, then somehow convinced me to as well, definitely a humorous way for one’s office time to go. Then about 4:40, 20 minutes before our office closes and we get to leave, Ben asked us all if we wanted to leave early. Naturally we said yes (after we clarified that he wasn’t trolling us) and he let us leave!
After that my Friday not got incredibly boring and for a while I was worried about the direction my life was going because I literally spent two hours going through my iTunes and making sure all my 2,000 songs had album artwork. Wow, really, Hope, kudos to you, you successfully spent your first Friday night as a 21-year-old in the most boring way possible.

But that all changed when the fire nation attacked. I mean, then around 11, Andrew messaged me on Facebook saying that Ben, Sonjay and Hailey were getting ready to come to his apartment and that David and I should come over with them immediately. We did so of course and got there, made macaroni and cheese (With Phineas and Ferb and Spongebob shapes of course), watched the show Archer (Inappropriate at times but hilarious), played some Super Smash Bros. (You will never understand how terrible at that game I am… but I’m getting better now.), played a board game called Ticket To Ride and watched Fullmetal Alchemist (Yep, getting into Anime now, you know, I really wasn’t enough of a nerd before, we must go NERDIER!! :P). After that we mostly just talked and looked up humorous YouTube videos for a bit until around 4am when we decided maybe it was time for us all to leave and come back to the dorms so we could sleep.

Today after waking up about noon, I prepared to go with my Hailey to go get my bellybutton pierced. WHAT. Yeah, you know, it’s been since July since I got a spontaneous piercing, I need another one right? Well, what happened was Hailey suggested it the other day and when I asked why she asked why not and I had no good answer and then she offered for it to be my birthday/Christmas present so I accepted. However, upon our arrival at the tattoo parlor, we were informed that the piercing person was out sick today, so we went and grabbed some ice cream and window shopped for a bit before being anxiously texted by Ben saying that they were ready for us all to go swimming and we should come back and get ready immediately

Ben, Hailey, Michael, Blake, Sonjay, Diamond and I got all ready to go swimming and were excited but then when trying to go into the building found out that due to our home football game today the pool was closed. A bit disheartened we started to leave when Sonjay said, “Guys, we’re dressed for an adventure, we have to find one.” In a rare moment of being decisive, I said, “You guys are all freshman, have you ever been to Manhattan Hill?”, the majority of them had not so I said that we needed to go immediately. We went and instead of just sitting on the letters that say Manhattan and enjoying the view as I have always done before, we all decided that we should go exploring fully in the forest (While still in our swimming clothes and flip-flops. Though most of us ditched the shoes and went barefoot down and eventually back up the rocky path.). While this may not seem like the smartest idea, it was actually the best. Oh man, like literally top 5 days of my life. I’m so blessed by this new group of friends, I can’t even tell you.

The beginning of this semester I was so sad and lonely and Carrie was really my only friend that I was in consistent contact with (By the way, the reason she was not involved with my adventurous weekend is she’s in marching band and as the last home football game is this weekend, she doesn’t have a life unfortunately. :( ) but now I have this new awesome group and a boyfriend who is awesome and great (And he wasn’t there today because of the football game and tailgating and such) and I’m just so blessed and thankful and I take these things for granted way to often but God is good and did have a plan all along and is amazing at filling my heat’s needs and desires.

Thank you, God. :)

Hope ♥

Feelings are weird.

Isn’t is weird how you can be happy one day or even one minute and the next completely confused, or sad or even vice versa? Or how you can feel completely sure of something at one moment and then completely confused the next? I just don’t understand, feelings are confusing and I don’t really know how something can change so much so quickly.

I don’t know why feelings are the way they are ever… and I don’t usually like them.

Thank you, God that you are constant and I don’t have to rely on my feelings!

A Boring Post

Ok, this post is gonna be really short because basically this next week is the final week of classes and then the following week is finals week so I have 4 papers due this week that I need to finish (Don’t worry, they’re all well on there way to being done!) but I just thought I’d leave a short update.
Basically all I have to say is I’m busy this week and I have finally finished all of Supernatural. I caught up last night an hour before the new episode premiered and then watched the new one. As exciting as that is, it’s also quite sad because now I have to wait at least a week in between each episode and I also have to watch it with commercial breaks. It’s quite stressful. However, last night’s episode was freaking brilliant and included references to Star Wars, Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter. In Supernatural. Yep, best thing ever.
Anyways, I need to go fangirl on Tumblr and finish my papers!
I hope you’re all having a great weekend!
Hope ♥

You know you want to know more about me, right?

Ok, ok, this is kind of cop-out blog post that really took not a lot of thought on my part but I found this survey on Tumblr and I actually really liked it! So, here we go. And besides, I’ve been writing good posts recently, so you can forgive me for this one right?
Hope ♥
1. Picture of yourself

I know, I'm pretty attractive when I take pictures with my sister.

2: A description of my self-esteem
Not good. It could be worse but not good. I don’t think people like me and I don’t really see why they should. I know God made me wonderfully and I like that about myself but I don’t think my personality is that great. I need to be stronger and stand up for myself. Also, I don’t think anyone will ever be in love with me.
3: My favorite book
This is a hard decision but it’s between Harry Potter, the Chronicles of Narnia and the Fault In Our Stars by John Green.
4: Biggest Turn Offs
Smoking, disrespect
5: Biggest Turn Ons
Having the same morals, being respectful, being nice to everyone. The cliché things I suppose.
6: Most famous person you’ve met
…. No one. Hence me making up a story of meeting a celebrity last week.
7: What I want to be when I’m older
An F.B.I. agent!
8: My relationship(s) with my sibling(s)
Great. I love my little sister to death!
9: Relationship status?
Very single. But trying to be content.
10: What I did yesterday
Went to class, broke out into Hakuna Matata at lunch with Carrie, and went to work and folded letters and helped at the front desk, finished a paper and watched Supernatural. :)
11: What I’m doing today
Going to class where I’ll turn in a paper and work where I’ll answer phones or work the front desk, watching more Supernatural then going to Bible study!
12: What I’m doing tomorrow
Class and work and Supernatural. I live an uber exciting life let me tell you.
13: Most embarrassing moment
At church camp two years ago, my friend Tat and I were walking up a hill. We had just gotten out of the lake so we were quite wet and I was wearing flip-flops, I took a step (On the gravel sidewalk of course) and my flip-flop strap broke. I went tumbling down face first and scraped my knee quite nicely. Of course we were also in front of the entire boys cabin where my crush at the time was standing. Good times.
14: Description of who I like
That’s just not gonna happen on here. Sorry. He’s a boy. There you go.
15: Biggest insecurities?
Being vulnerable and weak.
16: Something I wish I could change about myself
My confidence.
17: I’ll love you if…
You’re a friend and you’re nice.
18: Something I’m really good at
Being a friend, and being there for people.
19: Something I’m really bad at
Sports. Telling stories. Being talented. You know, most things. :)
20: What I wish for at 11:11
21: A reason I’ve lied to a friend
I can’t think of a time when I have really. I don’t like people lying to me so why would I lie to them?
22: Favorite Movie
(500) Days of Summer, all the Lord of the Rings movies and all Harry Potters as well.
23: Something that has made you mad recently.
Girls just being petty. More on that later.
24: A random fact about yourself
I get quite addicted to TV shows quite quickly. I made a list the other day and currently watch 14 shows, including Supernatural which I just started so now I have about 7 seasons to catch up with. Probably not the best but there are worse things I could be doing right?