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Some Things That I Love

1. Crunchy leaves to frolic and jump in.

2. Fall colors to take beautiful pictures of.

3. New friends who accept your quirky-awkwardness completely.

4. Weekends full of fun adventures with said new friends.

5. Quoting the Office, Arrested Development and Hot Rod.

6. Zombie movies and tv shows.

7. Caramel apples.

8. Laughter with friends.

9. Late nights with good conversations.

10. Friends who will listen and be there no matter what.

11. God’s grace and faithfulness.

12. God’s incredible timing.

13. Photography.

14. Good books.

15. Technology to keep in touch with friends who are far away.


Paint with all the Colors of the Wind

As I said the other day, the fall colors are finally here and are absolutely stunning! The trees are shedding and are leaving delightfully crunchy leaves everywhere for me to gleefully jump in (which does indeed earn me some odd looks around campus). Here are some of the pictures I took the other day on my campus adventure!

Autumn is Coming

Yesterday I was sitting in my dorm room with nothing to do when Carrie called and politely asked if she could kidnap me to go on a hike with Chelsea and Evelyne. I of course agreed and was amazed by the beautiful weather we were having and I got some new pictures out of it!

This will be a good year.

Ah! I’ve been so bad at updating recently! I’m sorry! Work has been crazy so I haven’t been able to update then, and other than that I’ve either been in class or hanging out with my West 5 friends. I’m still struggling with not being over there but it’s gotten better and this weekend has been full of West 5 fun. :) It’s been good to get back in the swing of things and I’ve gotten more encouraged about feeling like this will be a good year. I know that God has a ton planned and honestly I’ve been so excited about it the past couple days I’ve just felt like running around telling everyone how incredible God is but I’ve decided to go a less in your face approach so I don’t scare people away. :)

Jared, Carrie and I. As usual Jared is making a funny face. :)

Connor and Jared

Summer Fun

I’m kinda brain-dead as far as topics go right now so have some more of my photography. :)
Hope ♥

Reading Fahrenheit 451 for the Nerdfighter summer book club? Yes please! :)

I found a book about the Avengers at the library, to say I was thrilled was a small understatement. :)

The Sun’s in the Sky It’s Warming Up Your Bare Legs

As mentioned yesterday, this past weekend was full of wonderful times and pictures. Because of that, I decided today’s post would be sharing some of those photos.
In other news, I made a Facebook page for my photography. If you like what you see here, please go and “like” it on Facebook! https://www.facebook.com/APictureOfHopePhotography
Hope ♥

Fireworks from 4th of July

Ryan, Jiayi and I on 4th of July

Carrie and I in Walmart

Jiayi and Carrie in a tree

Jiayi, Carrie and I on Manhattan Hill

View from Manhattan Hill

Carrie and I

Carrie and I after sticking our heads in the fountain

View at the lake we swam in

Carrie and I eating grapes at the picnic

Jiayi, Carrie and Soo swimming in the lake

Carrie waiting to get her ear pierced

Me waiting to get my ear pierced

Our piercings!

Lake at the Bible study campfire

Clouds at the lake

Bridge at the lake

Shane and Kara from Bible study posing at the lake


As most of you know, photography is one of my passions in life and I absolutely love going exploring and taking pictures. This summer, because I have Fridays and weekends off of work, at least once a week (Usually Fridays) I’ve been going around campus and town taking pictures. So far I hadn’t shared any of them on here so I thought I was overdue for that.
Hope ♥