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Paint with all the Colors of the Wind

As I said the other day, the fall colors are finally here and are absolutely stunning! The trees are shedding and are leaving delightfully crunchy leaves everywhere for me to gleefully jump in (which does indeed earn me some odd looks around campus). Here are some of the pictures I took the other day on my campus adventure!


Fall Festival

Ok so again I’ve been bad at updating this but I’ve been busy and just haven’t had a lot to write about! I should have more time soon though so I’ll try to do better! :)
So, today isn’t much of a text post but instead including some more of my photography! This past weekend I went back home for my town’s annual Fall Festival and Carrie came with me! It’s basically like a town wide carnival and since I like to take pictures and Carrie was home with me for the first time, we had a photoshoot! :)
So, please enjoy and if you like them go check out my photography page on Facebook (Link on the side of my blog!)
Also, my Youth Pastor from back home has been creating some sick sounds, check them out too! http://soundcloud.com/kgr8thxbye :)

Autumn is Coming

Yesterday I was sitting in my dorm room with nothing to do when Carrie called and politely asked if she could kidnap me to go on a hike with Chelsea and Evelyne. I of course agreed and was amazed by the beautiful weather we were having and I got some new pictures out of it!

This will be a good year.

Ah! I’ve been so bad at updating recently! I’m sorry! Work has been crazy so I haven’t been able to update then, and other than that I’ve either been in class or hanging out with my West 5 friends. I’m still struggling with not being over there but it’s gotten better and this weekend has been full of West 5 fun. :) It’s been good to get back in the swing of things and I’ve gotten more encouraged about feeling like this will be a good year. I know that God has a ton planned and honestly I’ve been so excited about it the past couple days I’ve just felt like running around telling everyone how incredible God is but I’ve decided to go a less in your face approach so I don’t scare people away. :)

Jared, Carrie and I. As usual Jared is making a funny face. :)

Connor and Jared

A Summer Update (7/24/2012)

The past few days I have not been great at updating my blog and I’m gonna be honest, today is not gonna change that much but I actually am posting something. I’ve had a bad day due to a headache and endless angry phone calls for the entire 9 hours I worked today so I’m not in a huge writing mood but there are several updates that I thought I should let you all know about. :)

1. Because of my Avengers obsession I’ve been collecting the Dr Pepper cans that have the Avengers featured on them. For several weeks now I’ve had all of them but Iron Man and Captain America, today I finally found Iron Man. 7 down, 1 to go.

2. My dear friend Megan also because of my Avengers obsession found for me the “Ultimate Avengers guide”, a book of EVERY Marvel character ever and outlining their stories. It’s a book I had found at the library and wanted to just keep forever and was totally fangirling about so she got it for me. (God has blessed me with the coolest friends.)

3. After wanting and saving for a new, nice camera forever, my mom last month found a Canon Rebel t2i, one of the best cameras on the market right now, one originally marked at $900 for only $300. Because of that, and my mom’s amazing finding skills (She’s clearly a Hufflepuff. Kudos to you if you get that reference.) I now have that camera. She bought it with my money last month when she found it and on the way home from picking up my sister at church camp they visited me and brought it to me. Excitement is not a strong enough word, not even kidding. I’m psyched. :D

4. So as you mostly know, I can’t stand keeping my hair the same for any length of time, and since I’m currently growing it out which means I can’t cut it differently since it’s still so short and I really like having red hair, I decided to put colors in it! I bleached out a bunch of streaks and in most of those streaks I put a green-ish blue in! There aren’t great pictures of this yet but here’s the one I do have. :)

I hope you’re all doing well! :)

Summer Fun

I’m kinda brain-dead as far as topics go right now so have some more of my photography. :)
Hope ♥

Reading Fahrenheit 451 for the Nerdfighter summer book club? Yes please! :)

I found a book about the Avengers at the library, to say I was thrilled was a small understatement. :)