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Things I’m Looking Forward To:

April 15: (TODAY!!!!) The new Fall Out Boy CD, “Save Rock and Roll” FINALLY comes out after a four year hiatus from the band!!! AHHHHHH!!!

April 16- May 1: Sometime during this time I will be receiving things I purchased off of Amazon that I did not need. Those things are a Supernatural related necklace and the Fellowship of the Ring Extended Edition box set! YEAH!

May 3: Release of Iron Man 3!!! MIDNIGHT PREMIERE!! YESSSSSSSS.

May 10: Release of the Great Gatsby!

May 17: Star Trek: Into Darkness release – Yes, this does mean that I will be attending 3 midnight premieres in a row in May. Oops.



Nearly a year ago, I made a post announcing my excitement about the premiere of the long awaited Hobbit trailer (https://elvishjesusfreak.wordpress.com/2011/12/20/i-cant-describe-my-excitement/), now, after many long months of waiting, it is finally here. In five hours, I shall be leaving my dorm to go stand in line for the midnight premiere of the Hobbit. Despite my hatred of the cold, standing outside waiting for 3 hours with good friends is hardly a problem, this is a movie I’ve been waiting for since the moment I read the book, roughly 12 years ago. It’s a moment I’ve hoped would come (and come from Peter Jackson) since the second I first watched the Lord of the Rings movies and took in their perfection.

Despite all my other fandoms, all the other things that I’ve fallen in love with and enjoyed and fangirled over in life, the Lord of the Rings were one of my first, they were the first things I truly loved out of this world, this was the first world I joined outside of my own, the stories that really mattered. So, now matter how many other fandoms may have seemed to take place in my heart about the tales of Middle Earth, they will always be the dearest in my life, and that is why tonight I might get a bit emotional, I’ve been waiting to return to Middle-Earth for so long. These are the stories that changed my life.

I’ve waited long enough, tonight is time.


Disney and Star Wars?

As you all by now undoubtedly know, yesterday it was announced that Lucasfilm sold the rights of Star Wars to Disney for 4.05 billion and in 2015, Star Wars episode 7 will be released.

As of now, nothing is known about the plot of this 7th movie but many fans are a bit worried, I mean, the prequels were bad enough, why would we want more Star Wars after they ruined the perfection of the originals? I however am feeling conflicted. True, the prequels were terrible and the thought that people actually enjoyed those movies actually makes me cringe (and yell at people in my dorm sometimes) but let’s think about this logically. This is Disney, who just made The Avengers, the most incredible movie to ever exist? The one with the flawless EVERYTHING ABOUT THE MOVIE? Disney did. And who is the one who screwed up the prequels? George Lucas. And who is not involved with this new movie? George Lucas. So, while I obviously can’t guarantee this movie will be great or anywhere near on the scale of the Avengers, Disney is fantastic! And they have enough time and money to get ANY director they could possibly want (I personally am pulling for a Tim Burton Star Wars movie!) so I have hope.
It’s still a while to wait but what do you guys think? Are you excited? Upset? Mortified? Let me know! :)
Hope ♥

Thoughts and Spoilers on the Dark Knight Rises

I know I wrote about the Dark Knight Rises last night, and some of these thoughts might be repeats (I’m too lazy to go back and look at last week’s post) but I went and saw it a second time last night with a group of friends and wanted to share some of my thoughts and opinions on the movie. I still think it was fantastic but I did have a few problems with it. Spoilers included below!


– I totally saw it coming that Bruce was faking his death! I was excited when I figured that out but I thought they did it really well. I am super confused though on the timeline of him dropping the bomb and getting out of the BAT, like, there’s no way he could’ve gotten out in time. So, time line there…

– BLAKE IS THE BEST CHARACTER EVER! It was obvious from months ago that he was gonna be the Robin character but I liked it. Though I wish his real name would’ve been revealed as Dick Grayson instead of Robin. Though I realize most of the audience would’ve been confused. But still…

– Miranda being Talia/the child, oh man! I DID NOT SEE THAT COMING! It was like thinking Bane was the child and finding out Bane was in the prison was a twist, and then THAT TWIST HAD IT’S OWN TWIST! Christopher Nolan, I love you. That’s all, you’re amazing.

– Bane. I loved him! I know there’s been a lot of differing feelings about his character, some people loved him, some hated him, some loved his voice, some hated him and a lot of people thought he was too small. I admit that I know almost nothing of DC canon so I don’t know how he originally was (Though I’ve heard he was quite different) but since Nolan was taking this entire trilogy to do his own thing here, I thought it worked brilliantly. I thought his size was good, he was still bigger than Batman but not big enough that he looked unrealistic. I thought Tom Hardy played the character brilliantly and personally his voice was my favorite thing about him and one of my favorite things about the movie. It was such a unique voice that I thought it total fit his character and I really enjoyed it. Also I liked the back story we got on him and the look it gave us into his character.

– I might just be missing something here but when they talked about Bane loving Talia, was it just me completely missing the point or did it seem like they were trying to make that a romantic love? Some of the people I talked to felt like that’s what they were doing too so I’m confused as to what happened there.

– I know there’s a theory going around that Alfred was fantasizing at the end and admittedly I thought they were gonna cut it off as Alfred was looking around without us actually seeing anything there but I think since we did see Selina and Bruce that it really happened. I didn’t get the vibe that Christopher Nolan was going for a confusing ending there.

– I feel like a terrible person here and I probably was the only one who wanted this but I actually wanted Bruce to die. I called that he was faking but I didn’t want him to be. Bane is the “One who broke the bat” that’s his thing, the whole movie was leading up to Bruce actually being dead and while this undoubtedly makes me a horrid person, I wanted him to actually be that way.

– Timeline. I mentioned it a little at the top but during my second viewing I noticed that when Miranda/Talia presses the button for the bomb to explode and says something about you’ve only gained 11 minutes, it showed the time and it was like 11:20 or something like that, then next time it shows it, when Bruce is back in the BAT and almost at the bomb it was 10:38 THERE IS NO WAY HE COULD GET THERE THAT QUICKLY! I don’t care that he’s Batman, he couldn’t.

– Also timeline related, when he was getting ready to take the bomb, and Selina’s like “I guess we’re both suckers” and kisses him, all I could think of was, “You literally have less than a minute to get in the BAT, get the bomb and take it at least 6 miles away, that is not possible anyways, you don’t have time to make out.” Sure, I know “they might not have the chance later” and all that sappy crap but was making out really more important than all the lives of Gotham? No. I don’t think so. Goodness you sappy romantic freaks. (Yeah I’m bitter against romance, so sue me)

Ok, so I think that was about it, and despite all these thoughts I really did enjoy this movie and while I still liked The Dark Knight slightly better (You can never outdo Heath Ledger’s acting performance. Never.) I was still uber impressed. I will always be under the impression that Christopher Nolan cannot make a bad movie and this like his others just backed that opinion up. So yeah. Any thoughts you guys want to add feel free!

Another Update (I go home tomorrow and then will get back to regular postings)

So I have an extra bit of time again right now, Erin’s at a tea for her sister’s wedding that will occur next week and I thought I’d write another post. The week has been absolutely splendid so far and I definitely do not want to go back home tomorrow, as I had expected, this week went by rather quickly. Last time I wrote was Wednesday, we spent that day visiting some old friends to have coffee with them then went to a thrift store where after wanting one for quite some time I finally got a long, maxi dress that I love and then not even exaggerating we spent the entire rest of the day on Tumblr and watching Doctor Who. I’m sure to many of you this seems like a lame way to spend ones day but hey, it’s what we enjoy so that’s what we did. And yes, now I have successfully turned her into a Whovian which I am quite proud of. The next day, we went with our friend Chelsea and her boyfriend Spencer to the Atlanta aquarium and the World of Coke. The Atlanta aquarium is one of the biggest aquariums in the world and has all sorts of wonderful fish and animals. My favorites were the dolphins and the penguins because they’re so adorable. The World of Coke is a museum for Coca-Cola where you can learn the history of Coca-Cola and try all of their products from around the world,it’s super cool even though some of the drinks from other countries are absolutely disgusting!
After we left from there Erin and I went to dinner and came back and watched The Prestige and Space Balls, two movies I had never seen but quite enjoyed.
Friday I spent the entire day with my grandparents. It was relatively uneventful but I suppose it was nice to catch up with them.
Yesterday then was Erin’s sister’s graduation so we spent most of the day there then came home and took a much needed nap. After that we played several card games and went back to our computers to continue “Tumblring”.
Today we went to church as is my usual Sunday routine. It was a bit weird I’m gonna be honest, going back to the church I went to for about 8 years but hadn’t been to in 5. I liked it, and I got to see some old friends and acquaintances but the feeling of deja vu was a bit odd. For the most part it hadn’t changed at all in 5 years. It was nice to be back.
This evening we will be trying to finish the 6th season of Doctor Who (My second time, her first) and going to see the Avengers (Also my second time and her first). I’m quite excited about both of those since those are 2 of my favorite things ever.
Anyways, I will update again soon as I’m going home tomorrow.
Hope ♥

Never Forget

Today is the day we celebrate Wizard Independence Day, The Last Battle of Hogwarts, the day day that Harry killed Lord Voldemort. Let us never forget May 2, 1998 and let us always remember those who died for that cause, Fred Weasley, Severus Snape, Remus Lupin, Nymphadora Tonks and Colin Creevey.
Today is also sadly the first anniversary of this day that we don’t have any new Harry Potter to look forward to, no new book, no new movie, no new material. Yes, Harry Potter will live on in our hearts forever and as J.K. Rowling said, Hogwarts will always be here to welcome us home but that excited anxiety of waiting for new material won’t be here again. So that is something else I have been thinking about on this anniversary, sad yes, but at least we have our memories. And I’m thankful to be part of a fandom that is just as strong today without new material as it was during the prime of the new books and movies. Our fandom is the best.

What makes me unique has brought every person I love into my life. ~ Ned, Pushing Daisies

I’ve mentioned before that I’m not great at a lot but recently my friend was filling out an application for something that asked him for a hidden talent. (His response by the way was, “I don’t know! It’s hidden, I can’t find it!” Which I thought was quite entertaining…) This question got me thinking, while I’m not great at most things, I do have a few things that I can do that most cannot. That’s what this post is about. My number one unusual talent though admittedly not that hidden because I use it all the time is my ability to quote complete movies and TV shows from memory. Now, obviously I don’t quote the entire thing quite often but I have the ability too. It’s great fun and I get great joy out of bringing TV and movie quotes into everyday life as much as possible. My second talent (and now that I’ve started this I’ve realized most aren’t hidden, just unique and unusual) is having a British accent. This one is weird because this happens when I don’t mean it to. So actually, I don’t even know if this counts as a talent. It’s mostly just weird… but for a while I had someone convinced I was British. So there.
Third, Ok. This seems lame but actually now that I’m on the third one I’m not sure I have a third weird talent. I probably do. I just can’t think of it right now, so this is a short post but I will be ending it now.
I hope you enjoyed my random, pointless post!
Hope ♥

P.S. Supernatural update – Season 5 is finished, season 6 is on its way!