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God is Just So Awesome

Ok so I’m really sorry that I haven’t written recently but for once it hasn’t been because of writer’s block but because I’ve been dying under a mountain of homework. Anyways, I’m done for now so let me just tell you what’s been going on. This week, I’ve had two tests, a quiz and two papers. Needless to say, not a lot else has been done this week besides studying. Also, almost no sleep has occurred in weeks. But that’s mostly because I keep getting distracted by awesome conversations with people on my floor. I just love them all!
Anyways, another thing that’s going on is how God is just super awesome. I’ve been going through the Read the Bible in a year still (Obviously, since the year is not out) and I’ve been going to Bible study every Thursday and I’ve started going to small group on Tuesday as well which is a huge blessing. I just love seeing how God is working in people’s lives. It makes me so happy! God is just amazing! :)
Well, that’s about all I have to say for the night. Hope you’re all doing well! I’ll try to write more soon and more often!
Hope ♥


Boys on bikes with bow ties.

Today has been a rather wonderful day! It started with me walking to class (Ok, fine, it started with me getting out of bed, getting dressed and going to breakfast… but the interesting part started on the walk to Acting!) when I saw a random guy riding his bike. What’s special about this you ask? Oh, nothing much, just the fact that he was wearing a tux and a bow tie while doing so. Basically, I want him to be my best friend, because he’s obviously pretty cool. Bow ties are cool. :) After that, in Acting we were just going over different techniques of acting when my teacher said something about how British actors are more technical actors while in the US we use method acting more. Knowing my deep love of Doctor Who, at the mention of British acting, my friend Danny started cracking up. So of course I had to explain my deep love and affection for said TV show. At this point, another guy in my class was like, “Yes! Great show! I have a sonic screwdriver at home!” Needless to say, I will now be talking to this guy a lot more… :)
After Acting, I went to Spanish where I found out I got an A on my last test! It was wonderful. I’m not sure I’ve ever gotten an A on a Spanish test before! I’ve come close, gotten mostly B’s and such but never an A!
The rest of my day was pretty uneventful thus far. I have an advising appointment with my advisor later to figure out what classes I’m taking next semester and a bit of homework I need to do then Bible study tonight. That’s pretty much it.
I hope you’re all having a splendid day!
Hope ♥

Well that was a bit sad!

I’m writing early today because I don’t know how much time I’ll have this afternoon! Due to more job training and some homework…
Anyways, first off, let me thank you all because 2 days ago, I hit 3,000 views on my blog! So thank you all who read it! It’s very much appreciated! :)
Second, my dear friend Shelby and I have just finished watching the 3rd season of Doctor Who! It was brilliant of course as always but also a bit sad! (Spoiler alert) I really liked Martha a lot! I didn’t want to see her go but I think she did the right thing. She did what I probably never could’ve done…And I definitely would’ve been in love with the Doctor if I were her. Even if I were me and he was just real… *Clears throat* But anyways, I’m glad those last episodes all turned out all right! I was sure they would (Especially since I’ve seen the cover for the 4th season and David Tennant is still there! ;) ) But I just wasn’t sure how they were going to do it! I don’t know if we’ll get the chance to watch anymore today, probably not I would assume and I don’t know about tomorrow but neither of us have anything really do on Saturday and we’re planning on having a Doctor Who marathon. (As if that’s not what we do everyday) I would imagine we’ll probably get at least halfway through the 4th season by the end of the weekend, possibly more so I’m pretty excited about it! :)
Also on Saturday, we’re taking a short break to go to the mall so Shelby can return a watch that’s broken and I, finally am going to buy a pair of classic, black, Converse High Tops. I’ve wanted some since at least 6th grade but I’ve never been able to justify them! Now however, my grandma has sent me money for clothes and shoes and since I don’t really need clothes that badly, I’m buying a pair of Converse. And I am ecstatic! :)

That’s all for now, I’ve got to get to lunch and then class but everyone have a wonderful day! :)
Hope ♥

Ever since we met, I only shoot up with your perfume.

Hello all!
Not a lot has changed since last I wrote but I thought I’d get a post in today anyways. Today I went running again which was lovely (but a bit more difficult today due to the large amount of wind we had) and I obsessively listened to Panic! At the Disco’s new cd, which has also been lovely! Then, I did some of my large amount of homework for the week, which was not fun. I swear, I have more homework to do over Spring Break than I have ever had at any time when I was actually at school! It’s ridiculous. But all well, I suppose I’ll get it all done. Especially since I can’t watch Doctor Who over the break, I suppose that’ll help me out a lot here really, I won’t have much else I can do but write my papers…

I also got to go hang out with one of my best friends which was lovely because I hadn’t seen her since Christmas break! Which is much to long a time to go without seeing a dear friend… It was lots of fun. :)

I suppose that’s all I have to say for the day except if you haven’t listened to Panic! At the Disco’s new CD, go do so right now! It’s brilliant!

Also, please enjoy this amazing video I found on YouTube last night! It’s really, really brilliant! Enjoy! :)

Hope ♥

Disney Princesses are my favorite

Well, I don’t have a lot to say about today but we’re going to go see Tangled at the student union tonight so I wanted to at least have a short post for the day.

My day has been pretty good and pretty productive, my acting class was cancelled for the day due to snow so that was fun but alas, I still had to go to Spanish. It figures that my favorite class would be cancelled but my least favorite one wouldn’t be. Stupid Spanish 4. :/

The snow is still here but fortunately it’s starting to melt a bit and there hasn’t been any more. Next week is supposed to be in the 60s for the whole week so that’s real exciting. :)

Other than that all I did was homework and took a very long, nice nap.

We’re leaving now so here are some pictures from yesterday! Including one of how miserable I was in the cold.

Hope ♥

Coffee, coffee, coffee…

So my last post was a bit depressing I realize but this post is going to be the complete opposite. All day I’ve been super tired and totally dragging so finally, I went to the convenience store in my basement to buy a Starbucks Doubleshot espresso so I could make it through my mound of homework. This definitely worked and helped me not feel tired anymore but I’m also now feeling like bouncing off the walls. That’s all.
Currently very hyper Hope ♥
By the way, said coffee was delicious :)

Current Soundtrack:
Don’t Slow Down – Matt and Kim
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Coffee and Cigarettes – NeverShoutNever
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The Ballad of Mona Lisa – Panic! At the Disco
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Adventures of Hope and Alex

So for real this time, we have a video blog up! And it will stay up. For the moment its just me talking because Alex and I need to get together and plan it all out but I figured we should at least have one video up for now so it’s just me introducing myself basically. Please check it out! And comment and subscribe :) 

This weekend hasn’t been to exciting, filled with homework, movies and picture taking. Yesterday was really nice outside so I enjoyed that but today it’s gotten cold again which as I’m sure you know I am not thrilled about.. It’s even supposed to snow today or tomorrow. :( All well, I’ll get through it.

I guess that’s all I have to say for now! Now go check out our video! Go!


Hope ♥