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Living is More than Simply Existing

So are you all know, recently I’ve been struggling with loneliness and just feeling sort of dissatisfied with how things are going this year. Which is silly, because really things are going swimmingly even if they’re not going exactly as I had wished. But last night, Carrie and I were talking after dinner about how though we know we’re in the places we’re supposed to be this year on campus, we’re still dissatisfied and happy with things and we just have the feeling for something different. We were both feeling this way and then after we split ways, we ended up both having incredible conversations with new friends about the work God is preparing us to do this year. It was cool. I ended up getting to talk to one of the guys on my new floor about his faith and how several of the other guys are really working at evangelizing to people and just fully loving them. He also told me that for several years in this dorm that there has been incredible male, Christian leadership but there’s been a lack of female Christians and that last year he was praying for a strong Christian girl to come over and voila, here I am. So that was incredible since I was so obviously called by God to be over here anyways. It’s also humbling to find out you are an answer to prayer.

So yeah, last night was super encouraging and incredible and then this morning at church the message seemed completely aimed at me and Carrie.

The pastor talked about how God shows us our need for His word through humbling circumstances in our lives. One example of this was when God led the Israelites into the wilderness to live for 40 years. He was testing them, to expose their true hearts and humble them. He wanted them to have real faith, not just have God as a crutch simply because He had always provided in the past. He wanted them to see exactly how much they needed Him. Man doesn’t live on bread alone, they need to live on everything God has to offer. It was really cool hearing that because clearly I’m not as bad off as the Israelites but I can sympathize with how they felt. Completely out of their comfort zone, away from things they’ve known and into where they had to fully depend on God for everything. Even their food, they didn’t have any, they ate manna that literally came from the word of God, if God hadn’t spoken that food into existence each day they would have starved, but He did. He always provides. I really see a parallel of that in my own life because now that I’m away from the people I’ve depended on, my crutch, so to speak, I have to depend on His next move, not just trying to make my own way.

If we don’t feel like we have to have God for everything, if we feel like we can do anything ourselves, we become proud and we forget to lean on God like we should. We need Him to just be God.

We have to risk it, sometimes, it’s going to be easier to just stay when it’s comfortable and familiar. You’ve been hurt before and you’re so scared of that happening again that you’ll just stay where you are to avoid the pain again. But God has a plan, just listen to what His will is. Don’t be afraid of getting hurt or disappointed again because God will make it work, He has a perfect plan and He will make everything right in the end.

Hope ♥


A Post about Many Things

Today for once, I actually have a lot on my mind that I would like to talk about. So, bare with me, this is going to be quite random!

Topic 1:
After thinking about it, I think I finally realized why unlike so many other people, I am quite sympathetic towards Snape. I feel like it’s mostly because I’ve been in his situation before. Loving someone with everything in me and having them break my heart. I think that’s why I’ve been so intrigued by the story of Snape. Just because I can completely understand how he felt…

Topic 2:
Today in church we were reading from 1 Samuel. The message was very good as always and again I was reminded just how much I don’t put Christ first which made me really upset with myself. I’m going to try to do better…

Topic 3:
Also related to 1 Samuel, in one of the later chapters, it discusses a place called “Endor” a lot of us were excited because that of course is the planet where the Ewoks live in Star Wars.

Topic 4:
I’m pretty sure that I would be content listening to Alan Rickman saying anything, he could read the phone book and I would be amused. His voice is amazing. Plus he has an accent… Ergo, I have been watching a lot of Alan Rickman movies recently….

Topic 5:
I love the band Mumford and Sons. I could listen to them all time too. They’re just so wonderful and their songs are brilliant!

Topic 6:
Last night, my friend Dalton had a bonfire. Now that might not have been the best idea since it was 104 degrees outside but it was literally one of the best nights of my life. My friend Tyler gave me a ride out there and for the first hour or so, my friends Brett and Rebekah and I had a bit of a dance party together dancing to the music Dalton was playing on his iPod and thoroughly (though unknowingly) amusing those who were watching us. Again, dancing in the heat around a fire was not a brilliant idea and of course we got all gross and sweaty but it was so much fun! After we were thoroughly sweaty, the 3 of us, plus my dear friends Abbey and Allie decided to take some pictures. As you can imagine, they turned out quite nicely. :) After the pictures, we sort of just sat around and talked. Of course some of the guests at the bonfire went a little crazy with the fire and burned all kinds of things but that’s just what happens at Dalton’s house. Also, they put a cardboard tube in which then started smoking immensely and because I have wonderful, brilliant, nerd friends like myself, of course we all decided that there was a Death Eater apparating there. Like I said, one of the best nights I’ve ever had. :)

I keep injuring myself :(

Yesterday I pulled a muscle in my left arm by putting the church pews back in their places, then, I dropped one of the pews on my right foot, leaving a scratch on my feet that’s kinda deep and started bleeding.
Today was our monthly luncheon at church that the youth group prepares. Unfortunately I was put in charge of chopping and slicing the onions. Onion slicers are quite sharp I’m afraid… Literally one of the women at church said, “Oh don’t be afraid of it, just slice!” At that moment, I sliced. Unfortunately it was not the onion I sliced… it was my hand. Needless to say, it was quite painful and I didn’t do any other cooking the rest of the morning.
On another subject, also today some of the workers from the camp I always go to came down to my town. For some reason, our little itty bitty town is completely legendary to this camp, it’s pretty awesome really. We had 44 of the workers come down and they all came to our church and ate lunch with us. I got to see some of my friends from past years and meet some new ones. It was great, they’re all super nice and awesome. Also, I think there’s some odd rule that to work there you have to be really, really, ridiculously good looking and very hipster because they all are! I love that camp so much and I’m actually hoping to work there next summer, it’s my favorite place in the world!
The rest of my day was fairly uneventful, I did some work outside with my dad for awhile but then we had to go inside because it was 108 degrees outside which was no fun. The rest of the evening was spent with my family, it was pretty good!
I hope your all doing well!
Hope ♥

That was a mistake…

Today at our church, all of us involved with VBS went to tear down all the decorations from Bible school. It took a lot less time to take down everything and overall everything went well. For most of the time I hung out with TJ, Sam and Clint in the sanctuary moving the church pews back to their original places and looking at a baby name book finding ridiculous baby names and what they mean. Sam decided he wanted to name a kid “Ulrich Merlin” I personally enjoyed Ama – Born on Saturday. It was great fun! :) The only bad part about this was the pew moving. It turns out, pews are really really heavy. Also, I really, really have no muscles… And now I’m afraid I have pulled a muscle in my left arm making it very difficult for me to do absolutely anything with it. It hurts too…And to make it worse I’m left-handed so this could be difficult until it heals. So that’ll be the last time I’ll be trying that, but I just wanted to help! Mom said that I need to stop “trying to be a guy” whatever that means… I’m a very girly girl, I have never in any way tried to be a guy… I just wanted to help. This just makes me realize that I actually need to start working out so that maybe I can have some muscles so I won’t get hurt again and also so I can get in shape for when I’m in the FBI. :)
Hope your weekend is going great!
Hope ♥

5 Days, 106 kids, 13 new Christians

Well, other than cleanup tomorrow and the party for the workers on Monday, Vacation Bible School is all done. The week was a lot of work and very exhausting but so amazing! It was great to see all the kids so enthusiastic about Christ and having so much fun and it was awesome to see so many friends each day. We had 106 kids registered at Bible school this year and out of that, 13 of them accepted Christ into their lives which is absolutely amazing! And another 3 said they already knew God but wanted to grow closer to Him, it was such a good week!
In addition to having a lot of fun with the kids and seeing them grow in Christ, my friends Tat and Tyler and I also had a bit of creative fun. We discovered two days ago, after playfully stealing my friend Sam’s car keys and wallet that it was lots of fun to take his stuff (and then give it back of course!). After we had given these items back, we discovered that if placed in them very carefully, cell phones can be put in balloons and then blown up with them inside. We decided to save this knowledge for the next day. So, yesterday, Tyler got Sam’s socks and later his phone which we placed in balloons and gave them back to him. Today, we put mine, Tyler’s, Sam’s and Tat’s phones in balloons and later we put some grapes, some wool and a crayon in balloons as well. This is quite possibly the most fun thing I have done and I plan on doing this many times in the future to many different people placing lots of different things in the balloons. You should all try it, trust me, it’s quite fun.
Hope ♥

Tyler and Tat putting Sam's socks into balloons

Socks in balloons

My cell phone in a balloon

A Crayon

Sam seeing the current situation of his socks

I love seeing God working in people’s lives :)

This week at my church is Vacation Bible School. The theme for the week is “Hometown Nazareth” where all the workers dress as people from Biblical time Nazareth and our fellowship hall is decorated like a marketplace. It’s super awesome looking! There are different stalls where they’re making stuff like bracelets, there’s a synagogue where the kids can make prayer boxes, a carpentry shop, petting zoo with lots animals like sheep, goats, a horse, a pig and some adorable little kittens! We had a good turn out of 81 kids today and 2 accepted Christ into their lives! It was amazing! I’m hoping the rest of the week will go just as well!
Hope ♥

Last night I thought I was going to be killed by a Weeping Angel

Despite how it sounds from the title of today’s post, I actually had a marvelous night last night! First I went to the VBS (Vacation Bible School) meeting at my church because I’m going to be helping with that in a few weeks. I think it’ll be lots of fun, it’s always cool to see kids getting excited about the Bible and Jesus!
After the meeting, my dear friend Abbey was having a movie party. It was super fun! She had it at her grandparents house which was HUGE and BEAUTIFUL! I absolutely loved it! Her Wifi died shortly after we got there so we didn’t end up watching but half a movie because we were watching them on Netflix but after that happened we just talked until about 2 in the morning. It was seriously one of the most amazing nights of my life! I am blessed with such awesome friends! We talked about everything, movies, YouTube videos, random stories, family, it was just great! As we were leaving (I don’t have a car so my friend Dalton gave me a ride home!) I noticed that this gorgeous house had TONS of statues outside of it and since it was dark when we were leaving, I’m not gonna lie, I was kinda afraid I was going to be killed by a Weeping Angel. Needless to say, I didn’t do any blinking until we left… (Doctor Who nerd reference FTW!)
Also, tomorrow is the day we will FINALLY find out who River Song is. But then unfortunately we have to wait until
September for more new Doctor Who, so basically, I’m probably gonna die in that time period…. But not really, I’ll just be quite distraught. :)
Well, I guess that’s all for now!
Hope ♥