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Still Got Legs: An Album Review

Ok, so I had originally said that I would review the new Harry Potter movie today but I kind of ran out of time to do it as well as I would like so for today’s post I am going to be reviewing the Time Lord Rock band, Chameleon Circuit’s new CD, Still Got Legs.
For those of you who have no clue what Time Lord Rock is, it’s a genre of music based on the wonderful TV show, Doctor Who. Chameleon Circuit is my favorite Trock band (and one of my favorite bands in general) so I was thrilled when their new CD was released.
Now I’m sure that many of you are saying, “Really? A band about Doctor Who? How lame!” But really, the lyrics are amazing as are the vocals and the production of the music! You don’t even have to watch Doctor Who to understand the music, it’s just generally good stuff! Of course, if you do watch Doctor Who it’ll be exciting to hear all the references from the episodes!
The band includes several big name YouTubers, Charlie McDonnell (Charlieissocoollike), Alex Day (Nerimon), Liam Dryden (Little Radge), Edd Blann (EddPlant) and produced by Michael Aranda.
My favorite song on this new album is “Kiss the Girl” based on “The Lodger” episode from season 5 with Matt Smith. It’s a really sweet song with a catchy tune! Some other favorites are “Teenage Rebel” and “The Big Bang 2”.
I suggest all of you check it out! Both of their albums are really good! You can listen to the newest album here for free!: http://charliemcdonnell.com/music/

For more info, check out Charlie McDonnell’s new video!


Finals are the worst.

Oh gosh, how I hate finals. They’re really the worst! Why can’t we just accept the grade we got in the class and be done with it? I mean really, that would make perfect sense but no, instead we have to take finals that are ridiculous and stupid and I have all three of my finals tomorrow. I wish they had all been at the beginning of the week just so I could get them over with! I have History (which I’m slightly worried about because I FEEL like I know all the information but the teacher always asks random questions we never talked about!) then Juvenile Delinquency (Don’t laugh! It’s a real class! It’s for my Criminology major!) then Spanish 4. Arg. Now all of my friends are done with theirs and I’m having to study, it’s the worst! I just want to hang out and also watch more TV… Alas, I cannot. Though I did take quite a long break and watch a lot of Charlieissocoollike’s videos on YouTube. He just makes me laugh a lot which is something I needed since I’m sorta freaking out… I mean, I know I have two A’s for the semester but the three finals I’m taking tomorrow I have low B’s in those classes and yes, I’ve tried my very hardest but I CAN’T get a C! I will be super disappointed with myself and my parent’s will kill me I just, ah…. I’m so stressed. :( I need this to be over with! Not that this summer will be any better but my brain is just completely checked out of school stuff.
I cannot wait til tomorrow is over!
Hope ♥

Is it bad that I’m falling in love with someone I’ve never met?

Because I think I am. Yep, that probably sounds creepy. I realize that but I really like Charlie McDonnell. Ok, love is too strong a word definitely since I don’t know him and he has no idea I exist but for real. I like this guy a lot… I had a dream the other day that when I moved to England (which in my dream was sometime next year…) I just like ran into him one day and we just clicked and became good friends. We hang out all the time and it was great fun. Then we sorta just fell in love. Sappy, yes, I realize that. Creepy? Quite possibly… but I like to think not! ;) Too bad that won’t happen… but I really wish it would! But I mean, if we did ever meet, I feel like we would be good friends! We’re a whole lot a like! Loving Doctor Who, neither of us drink or smoke and he’s super cute and funny and sweet. :) It would be great. *Cough* I’m done now.
Ok, this was a really ridiculous post and made me seem a bit of a stalker but whatever, I’m really not I promise!
Hope ♥

I wish I was British.

Today has been relatively uneventful, I spent it at church, then trying to write a paper (I get super distracted when trying to do such things however… but I have two due next week. :/) then eventually I gave up with the paper and just listened to music, looked up Doctor Who items online and watched a bunch of Charlieissocoollike videos. Again. :) Also, I drank a lovely cup of tea. I’m sure I’ve said this before but I’m not even kidding. I wish I was British. I’m starting to pick up an accent on occasion actually. I’m not sure if that’s good or bad but it’s happening. :) Also, all my friends at school know how much I love British accents and tea and other British things. This is a conversation that happened the other day with my roommate Kendra and friend Shelby actually.

Kendra: I love tea!
Shelby: Well that’s good, since you live with Hope and she’s practically made out of tea!

Then one of my friends on my dorm floor showed me this video:
Which is quite possibly the funniest video ever.
So yeah, this was a pretty pointless post but I thought I’d write about my day anyways.
Hope you’re all having a lovely day!
Hope ♥

If I met David Tennant, I wouldn’t hesitate getting in the TARDIS with him forever.

Ok, so I am completely and totally addicted to Doctor Who. It’s amazing! Yes, I realize at times it is quite cheesy but the story is normally wonderful, the acting is brilliant and the dialogue is amazingly witty! My friend Shelby and I have started watching it together (I needed something new after I was finished watching Lost) and we finished the second season yesterday morning. David Tennant is brilliant! (Christopher Eccleston was a good Doctor too but you can’t beat David Tennant!) I deeply enjoy his witty lines, his boy-ish charm and of course his converse shoes with his suits. :) It’s true, I possibly started watching this because Charlie McDonnell (Of charlieissocoollike, because yes, I am still love him deeply as well! :D) is always talking about how it’s his favorite show but I really do love it deeply! It’s soooo good! I’m afraid I’m going to go into withdrawals this next week for it is now Spring Break and I am going home where Shelby will not be and therefore, I will not be able to watch it because of course I don’t want to watch it without her! But All week long I will definitely be obscurely referencing and quoting Doctor Who making my family question my sanity.
I regret nothing.
I love this show! :)
Hope ♥

Charlieissocoollike :)

Hello! Sorry I didn’t write yesterday. I could say that I was busy with class or homework but I’m afraid that wouldn’t be the truth… What I was really doing all day yesterday (when I wasn’t at class, Bible study or a lecture I went to) was watching Charlieissocoollike videos on YouTube. Yep, that’s pretty much taking over my life. To the point where I haven’t even watched Lost in several days… Shocking I know right? :)

Other than that, as I’m sure you’re not interested in how much of a computer addict I am, I went to a lecture with Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor yesterday. She came and spoke at our college and for extra credit for Spanish I could go listen to her. It was really boring actually. She just answered a bunch of questions. No, let me rephrase that. She did the typical liberal thing of getting a question and supposedly answering it but her answers really had nothing to do with the question and went on each for about 10 minutes. Fun stuff… Not. Oh, Liberals. You’ll never change will you? :(


After that, it was just about supper time so I went to supper and came back and watched Charlie’s videos for several hours with my friends. Because yes, they’re just that good.

Then around 8:30, we all left for Bible study, it was amazing as always. I enjoy Navigators so much! The lesson is always wonderful and the worship is stupendous!

This morning, I went to my classes of course and have since been doing some homework. Tonight, we’re planning on going to see, “You Again” playing at the student union. I’m excited, I think it’ll be lovely! Plus, some time with the girls from my dorm is always fun!

Fun story for the day: Today I was in class waiting for it to start, it was pretty much just me and two guys sitting directly behind me. While I was waiting for class to start, I was reading an article for English, you know, just minding my own business. The guys behind me start talking about how one is looking for love, the other says to him, “Man, don’t you worry, I’ll hook you up!” Next thing I know, this second guy is tapping me on the shoulder saying, “Hey, you gotta boyfriend? My boy here is looking for a girl.” Giggling, I said no. He looks at his friend and precedes to ask me some more questions such as my grade, whether I live in the dorm or not and whether I’m in a sorority or not. Needless to say, this whole encounter made me laugh, though I’m not sure whether it should make me laugh or make me worried… All well, I’ll go with laughing :)

That’s all for now folks!

Hope ♥

Video blogging? For me?

Well, as I have previously mentioned, I have become quite obsessed with watching Alex Day and Charlie McDonnell (AKA Nerimon and Charlieissocoollike) on YouTube. They’re hilarious, cute and British! Really, what more could I ask for, right?

Well anyways, after watching them for a while and absolutely loving their Video Blogs, my friend Alex and I have decided to start one of our own. We filmed today and while at first it seemed like a terrible disaster which mostly included laughter, I think after some rough editing (as I’ve never edited a video before..) we finally got not one but two decent videos. Hopefully they’ll get much better because these two are not great but hopefully they’ll be remotely entertaining. Anyways, my point to this post is you should totally check it out! And tell all your friends as well, I PROMISE it will get better than it currently is! Just have some faith! :) Our YouTube channel is Danceswithpenguins1, if you can’t find us through that heres the link to our first video. Enjoy! And comment!

Hope ♥