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In Regards to Miley

In regards to the events at the VMAs, I think we can all agree that it was distasteful, disgusting, vulgar and honestly degrading to Miley herself.

I have several thoughts on the subject:

  • Robin Thicke: People keep saying this was his fault and why is no one blaming him and why didn’t he stop her. He was being professional, obviously he couldn’t politely just push her away on National TV but if you compare this performance to ANY of his other performances recently he is usually MUCH more enthusiastic, here he was stone faced and clearly as uncomfortable as the rest of us.
  • Slut Shaming: I don’t approve of the fact that it’s called slut shaming because that sounds super hateful but SOMETIMES IT NEEDS TO HAPPEN. If no one says anything about lewd behavior like this, it will continue to happen and will get worse. If no one steps up and says this isn’t ok, HOW WILL PEOPLE KNOW TO STOP?
  • Miley: I’m sorry to say this but this whole performance was in part largely due to her parents and our culture. She was clearly begging for attention, that wasn’t a performance like we’re usually used to, this was clearly, 100% begging for attention. How sad is that? This is a girl who grew up in the spotlight, always getting attention, everyone telling her how wonderful she is, there was nothing to keep her grounded at all! Her whole performance was begging us the audience to notice her, to tell her she’s pretty, that she’s sexy. Sure not every child celebrity ends up like that but the majority do, it’s not good.

Things I’m Looking Forward To:

April 15: (TODAY!!!!) The new Fall Out Boy CD, “Save Rock and Roll” FINALLY comes out after a four year hiatus from the band!!! AHHHHHH!!!

April 16- May 1: Sometime during this time I will be receiving things I purchased off of Amazon that I did not need. Those things are a Supernatural related necklace and the Fellowship of the Ring Extended Edition box set! YEAH!

May 3: Release of Iron Man 3!!! MIDNIGHT PREMIERE!! YESSSSSSSS.

May 10: Release of the Great Gatsby!

May 17: Star Trek: Into Darkness release – Yes, this does mean that I will be attending 3 midnight premieres in a row in May. Oops.

I’m terrible at blogging.

Ok, so the title’s not quite true, I’m actually awesome at blogging – on Tumblr. Seriously, I post all the time on there. My actual problem is getting off… but on here I just seem to have run out of things to say on a regular basis so for anyone still reading this, I do apologize for my sporadic posting.

I’m not going to promise I’ll get better at it because frankly that’s a serious promise and we’d all probably be disappointed by the outcome. However, when the inspiration strikes, I promise I will write whatever comes to mind. :)

Also, if you are interested in just hearing my thoughts more regularly not necessarily in writing form, I have started VEDA on my YouTube channel. For any who don’t know, that is Vlog Every Day in April which is something many vloggers take part in every April. Since I’m just getting my YouTube channel really started and don’t currently have many viewers or videos, I thought maybe this was a good idea to hopefully get it to take off a bit. I guess we’ll see how the month goes.

At the start of this, I’m currently at 27 subscribers, 11 videos and 589 overall views. I’m desperately hoping to increase that quite a bit over the month but I’m trying not to get my hopes up too high.

But yeah, if you’re interested in that I’ll leave some videos down below and in the meantime I will try to think of some more things to write on here. :)

In other news: Doctor Who is back and I’m ecstatic. Also Supernatural is again breaking my heart and I just started watching the BBC Robin Hood.

I hope you’re all doing well! :)

Hope <3


It’s been awhile.

This semester I have been absolutely atrocious at updating my Video blog because of spending all my free time with my friends but now that I’m on Spring Break I’m trying to do a little better.

So, after a long absence without uploading, I finally have a new video! Subscribe, like and tell your friends! :D


After being on a hiatus since 2009, one of my all-time favorite bands, Fall Out Boy is finally reuniting.

This won’t be a long post as there isn’t a whole lot to say on the subject but I am overjoyed. Their new song was released today and their new CD and tour will come later on this year. Many people on the internet seem to have mixed opinions on the subject but after listening to their new song, “My Songs Know What You Did In the Dark (Light ‘Em Up), I think it’s perfect. Patrick Stump’s vocals are better than ever and it has their old sound to it which is what I’ve always loved.

I. Can’t. Wait.

Hope <3


Nearly a year ago, I made a post announcing my excitement about the premiere of the long awaited Hobbit trailer (, now, after many long months of waiting, it is finally here. In five hours, I shall be leaving my dorm to go stand in line for the midnight premiere of the Hobbit. Despite my hatred of the cold, standing outside waiting for 3 hours with good friends is hardly a problem, this is a movie I’ve been waiting for since the moment I read the book, roughly 12 years ago. It’s a moment I’ve hoped would come (and come from Peter Jackson) since the second I first watched the Lord of the Rings movies and took in their perfection.

Despite all my other fandoms, all the other things that I’ve fallen in love with and enjoyed and fangirled over in life, the Lord of the Rings were one of my first, they were the first things I truly loved out of this world, this was the first world I joined outside of my own, the stories that really mattered. So, now matter how many other fandoms may have seemed to take place in my heart about the tales of Middle Earth, they will always be the dearest in my life, and that is why tonight I might get a bit emotional, I’ve been waiting to return to Middle-Earth for so long. These are the stories that changed my life.

I’ve waited long enough, tonight is time.


Disney and Star Wars?

As you all by now undoubtedly know, yesterday it was announced that Lucasfilm sold the rights of Star Wars to Disney for 4.05 billion and in 2015, Star Wars episode 7 will be released.

As of now, nothing is known about the plot of this 7th movie but many fans are a bit worried, I mean, the prequels were bad enough, why would we want more Star Wars after they ruined the perfection of the originals? I however am feeling conflicted. True, the prequels were terrible and the thought that people actually enjoyed those movies actually makes me cringe (and yell at people in my dorm sometimes) but let’s think about this logically. This is Disney, who just made The Avengers, the most incredible movie to ever exist? The one with the flawless EVERYTHING ABOUT THE MOVIE? Disney did. And who is the one who screwed up the prequels? George Lucas. And who is not involved with this new movie? George Lucas. So, while I obviously can’t guarantee this movie will be great or anywhere near on the scale of the Avengers, Disney is fantastic! And they have enough time and money to get ANY director they could possibly want (I personally am pulling for a Tim Burton Star Wars movie!) so I have hope.
It’s still a while to wait but what do you guys think? Are you excited? Upset? Mortified? Let me know! :)
Hope ♥