Before I die…

I want to:
– Lead people to Christ
– Be the best witness possible for Christ
– Get the cartilage of my ear pierced – 7/6/2012
– Get my nose pierced 11/14/2010
– Meet Tom Hiddleston
– Go on a road trip
– Go to Warped tour July, 2013
– Dance under the moonlight
– Kiss in the rain
– Learn to play guitar
– Go to Europe (Particularly London)
– Sing on stage with someone
– See a real castle
Get tattooed  June 1, 2013
– Go to Comic-Con
– Go to a Nerdfighter gathering. (DFTBA)
– Travel the world
– Own a black bunny named Fred (who will be quite fluffy)
– Visit Hawaii
– Go to California
– See a show on Broadway
– Go to Disneyland
– See New Zealand
– Meet someone famous
– Have someone write a song about me
– Pet a penguin
– Learn to ballroom dance
Go to Mead’s coffeehouse – Summer 2011
– Go to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter
– Sleep on the beach
– Grow old with someone I love
– Cosplay
– Marry my best friend
– Be in New York on New Years for the ball drop


28 responses to “Before I die…”

  1. rytewritter says :

    babe..i’m not jugding or anything but i don’t think ear piercings and witnessing go well together….the rest of this stuff. Yes most of it,…..i think i’ll have to imitate..can i steal some of it? pretty please?

  2. thekeyinthedarkness says :

    you seem such a sweet and cute girl……* hugs*…. always keep that you will warm peoples heart.

  3. paperclip101 says :

    Love your list :) Think I’m gonna have to steal that idea…hmm… :D I love your blog! (I came across it because you posted on one of the FP blogs)

  4. tiallarising says :

    Love your blog!!! :D :D


  5. saltybi11 says :

    That is a great list!

  6. believeitsme says :

    I miss my hope i want to see you… maybe i should text you but….. i need to talk to you about alot of stuff… i neeeeeeddd to fall in love with you….. :) but anyways i love you list when i turn 18 and go to get my lip pirced we can go together…. because i will need someone to hold my hand :) love you and can’t wait to see you as soon as possible!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. slytherpuffclawkim says :

    I feel like I should put my List for Life on my blog. Maybe it would inspire me to actually accomplish some of the tasks…

  8. CJ Hines says :

    I am so going to make a list now too!! you have some great ideas!!:)

  9. goodluckcharmsthatwork says :

    This is an awesome list, and from one Disney Fan to another…I hope you get to do it all, especially the honeymoon at Walt Disney World!

    Bravo, for such an awesome Blog!

  10. JOVIALS says :

    Nice to read it.. Let all your dreams come true

  11. Lorrie says :

    Hope….somehow I have stumbled upon your blog. I would say coincidence except I don’t believe in them. You are so amazing……I love reading you poring your heart out. I love your list and I love how you are waiting for the man God has for you, your Bashert. We have quite a bit in common except I could be your Mom. Anyways…..just wanted to say you have a fan in California and North Carolina. (I am from CA but recently married my soul mate who is from NC so we go back and forth) Love to you young lady…

    • elvishjesusfreak says :

      Thank you so much, you have honestly no idea how much this comment means to me. I’m so glad to hear that you recently married your soul mate. :) It makes me happy to hear about those sort of things! And thanks for reading, you’re brilliant!

  12. Lorrie says :

    *pouring (sorry, I am a stickler for spelling too!!)

  13. lorrie says :

    I will be praying for you. Don’t settle for anything than GODS most amazing plan for your life!!!

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