The past few months have been weird and a time of more growth that I knew possible and things changing and losing people and getting new jobs and learning to be. Learning to be me, to be an adult, to be single, to be a friend.

As of today, I’m happy (er). Things aren’t all great, life is still painful and I still have a lot of uncertainty but I have a lot of good too.

I’m loved, I’m farther in the hiring process for my dream job than I’ve ever gotten, I am in a house with people who love me, my friends care, I had tacos and pancakes yesterday, I’m getting more tattoos soon and most importantly, God thinks I’m so important and cares about me so much.

This past week my church had a 3 night revival that was crazy to see how God has been working, I don’t know what He did in the hearts of those who don’t know Him but I saw so much love and growth and grace stem from this week, so many hearts were revived and set on fire anew for Him. Our relationships with God and each other have all strengthened and so many of us have grown in our love for Him and our prayer lives and grown in trusting Him.

I’m not strong, but I have God’s strength in me, through Christ I can get through anything, I have Him beside me, as my best friend, my confidant and my protector.

And because of that, I can face whatever comes my way.


About elvishjesusfreak

I'm learning to love and be and grow up and things are hard but God is always so good.

One response to “Happiness.”

  1. Huxley says :

    I think I can relate in dealing with progress on lots of things but still having not so good things crop up too. It makes everything messier. But hey, S.A.D. is coming up, eh?

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