A List.

I’m pretty sure it’s not recommended to make lists of how you want your future relationship to be – it can lead to unrealistic expectations and all that, but I’m doing it anyways. Obviously, some are just things I want that are totally up to change, but some are totally non-negotiable.

  • Must love Jesus more than he will ever love me.
  • Must be kind and understanding and respectful and patient to people.
  • Must be a spiritual leader who will help me learn more about Jesus and grow with me.
  • Must be okay with my depression/anxiety and not be scared away by it.
  • Must love at least some of the music (Fall Out Boy) and TV shows I do.
  • Must be up for acting ridiculous and going on dumb adventures.
  • Preferably taller than me.
  • Preferably someone who dresses super hipster but is really a nerd.
  • Maybe also like WWE, or at least be up for watching it with me.
  • Preferably feel the same as I do about Sonic, IHOP and Taco Bell, or at least support me in these food habits.
  • It would be hecka rad if this hypothetical future boy had tattoos.
  • Oh I hope he loves cats or at least is okay with cats.
  • I also hope my crazy/mean mother doesn’t scare him away.

This is a dumb thing to make a list of when I’m more single than I’ve ever been but hey, I’m at work in the middle of the night and have a lot of time to write what’s in my head.

Plus I’m pretty sure I maybe have one reader on here?


About elvishjesusfreak

I'm learning to love and be and grow up and things are hard but God is always so good.

2 responses to “A List.”

  1. Huxley says :

    I’ll be your one reader Hope!

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