About Love

It had been 2 1/2 weeks since I’d seen you. Not long, for some, but for us, it’s forever. Us, that during the school year were completely inseparable, always at each others sides, you being gone is hard, but worth it when we’re reunited.

I had been excited all day, anxious for the work day to be over and then when it was done, too excited to focus on anything else. This was it, I was finally getting to see you again, almost a week after I realized, I didn’t just like you a lot, I was actually in love. I didn’t know if you would feel the same, and I didn’t know if I should tell you, but what I did know, is being with you is my favorite place to be.

I got off work and it was still 2 hours til you arrived. I thought that would be fine, I could just read some of my book and wait patiently. Nope. Too excited. I could watch Game of Thrones to pass the time. Nope. Still unable to concentrate. I texted Tia, begging her to come over to distract me, she did and when Sonjay got off work, he came too to hang. It was a fun time, we talked, laughed, passed the time, but still, I was too excited to be entertained by anything but you.

As you got closer, I got more excited and more anxious about how much I love you, I wasn’t sure how to approach it, or even whether I should, because why would you love me back? The fact that you even think I’m worth dating is a miracle at all. No, I would just leave it alone and see what happened this week. After all, this is the first time since school ended we have had more than one day together, I would just see what happened.

You called and said you were downstairs, needing to be let in. I ran down the flight of stairs to greet you and you wrapped me in the most wonderful hug, just like I had imagined. You kissed me softly, showing how you’d missed me and I kissed you back. Two weeks really is too long.

We went back upstairs to be with our friends. After that, we went to Sonic to get a later dinner, the four of us laughing and hanging out, just like we used to. It was perfect and I was so, so happy.

Because you were staying at Sonjay’s and it’s too far for me to walk there from my apartment, I stayed there too. We went to bed fairly early, wanting to catch up and talk and cuddle, it was wonderful. We got ready for bed, closed the door and just held each other for a while, enjoying each others company and we told each other how much we had missed the other. You turned off the light as we prepared to climb into bed but hugged me once more, and as we hugged and I thought how happy I was, and how perfect I felt, you paused and whispered that you loved me.

I couldn’t, and still can’t believe it.  I’ve fallen in love and you fell too. I never thought it would happen. I didn’t even want to date you because I didn’t think love existed. I didn’t think anything could work out. I didn’t even think I was worth noticing. But you told me you would wait til I was ready and you told me you would always care.

You convinced me I’m worth loving, and through that, I’ve found something I never thought I would.

Since two nights ago, we’ve probably said I love you a hundred times, but that doesn’t change the gravity of it, the importance of it, and how lovely it is to hear that I am loved by you.

Thank you, and I love you.


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I'm learning to love and be and grow up and things are hard but God is always so good.

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