Gun Control is Stupid.

Ok, so I never get political on here but gun control issues make me extremely angry.

First of all, about this ad campaign, GOOD PARENTING IS WHAT WILL STOP KIDS FROM HAVING GUNS.

Second, why are we trying to ban guns? Make them harder to get, sure, that’s fine, good even. But ban them? WHY IS HUMANITY SO STUPID. People who are going to cause damage aka BREAK THE LAW with guns are going to BREAK THE LAW TO GET THEM. They’re not just going to not murder someone because all the sudden guns are illegal. Do you actually think murders care about what the gun laws are? That’s just taking away guns from law-abiding citizens who will use them for self-defense.

And another point, let’s say banning guns did successfully stop criminals/murderers/etc from getting guns, THEY ARE GOING TO FIND SOME OTHER WAY TO COMMIT THE CRIMES.

People need to get this through their heads.


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