3/1/2013 ~ Dear Future Husband

Dear Future Husband,

What if I’m wrong. What if you do exist?


From To My Future Spouse Tumblr:

– I can’t decide if I want a relationship like Marshall and Lily, or Robin and Barney. Or maybe we won’t have a relationship like anyone else’s. Maybe our relationship will be just ours.

– Just lay back in bed and let me read your favorite books to you. The sound of my voice, your soft breathing…it all sounds rather perfect.

– I have a habit of hurting people unintentionally.  I push them away because I’m afraid of what might happen.  I’ve loved many people, but I’ve never been “in love”.  I’ve never let myself fall. I want to fall, but I can’t remember how.  I’ve worked too hard at perfecting my balance. So I guess this is just fair warning… You may have to trip me, Catch me by surprise, Be unexpected, Put me a little off balance… Because I’ve gotten pretty good at tightrope walking. Just promise you’ll catch me.

-I am one of the most embarrassing people I know. So with that said, please have grace enough to laugh with me, and help me stand back up every time I trip over my own feet.
 – Can we travel the world together? Go through both good and bad times together? Let’s share secrets, vulnerabilities and insecurities late at night in our King Size bed. We’ll be surprised about how much time has gone by when we see the morning light coming through the curtains. Can we be equally as attracted to each other at the age of 60 as were did in our 20’s please? When I’m pregnant and self-conscious about how my body has changed can you tell me there’s never been a time where I’ve looked more beautiful to you because I’m carrying your child and have that ‘pregnant glow’? Can we have house parties where everyone who comes into our home feels an abundance of love, and looks at our black and white photos on the wall from our travels with pride about how much we’ve grown together? Can our house be filled with music and laughter? Can you kiss my forehead when I worry? and smile at me with your eyes?… without uttering a word that look alone will calm me down. And on Sunday mornings whilst we’re reading the papers before heading off to church the kids will keep distracting us, because snuggled in between our bodies is their favorite place to nest themselves and continuously chat about every innocent question that comes to mind. We don’t mind though because our little creations make us laugh and constantly entertain us. Can we be the family that prays together and stays together? Just know that every night whilst you’re praying for me I’m praying for you too. God will bring us to one another in a beautiful way, in a way that neither of us could have ever imagined.  I’m sure when the moment happens it’ll scare us both because it’ll be surreal, and pure, and more than what we ever envisioned… but don’t worry I’m here ready to hold you and let you know that it’s real and I’m not going anywhere. I love you and I can’t wait for us to build our life together. Don’t grow despondent from our dream because I haven’t. Don’t think it’s silly to dream about our life together because you have to remember the dream is only temporary, I promise you I’m coming.
Stay with God, I promise to do the same. Under the wings of God’s protection is the best meeting place so don’t worry about where you’ll find me,work, your favorite cafe, on a holiday… it’s not important because we have the best access to one another via our special meeting place. Under God’s protection is where I promise I’ll be waiting.
– Kinda hope we get stuck at the top of a merry-go-round sometime. But then again, I’d like getting stuck with you anywhere.
– I’m greedy for you tonight.

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