My Life in Facebook Statuses (Part 4)

January 17: Though I’m astounded at the amount of idiotic people that come into this office, at least no matter how things are going in my own life, I have it more figured out that these people do. And that’s weirdly comforting. :)

January 18: Though I’m astounded at the amount of idiotic people that come into this office, at least no matter how things are going in my own life, I have it more figured out that these people do. And that’s weirdly comforting. :)

January 18: It was a mundane night, driving back from a routine trip to Walmart when Blake and I saw something that changed our lives forever. Watching a guy rap to himself and play air drums in his car with the windows down was truly an amazing experience.

January 19: “Should I go to bed now?”, I ask myself as I click the next episode of Breaking Bad. And so the routine of watching TV shows at incredibly fast rate continues.

January 20: And now comes the dilemma of whether to go to bed, read the Watchmen comic book or continue watching Breaking Bad… Oh decisions, decisions.

January 21: Late nights hanging out and being nerdy with good friends is the very best kind of night. I can’t describe how much I missed you all. It’s good to be back. :)

January 21: Finally saw Les Mis! It was definitely all that the hype made it out to be and if Anne Hathaway doesn’t win that Oscar I’m gonna be upset.

January 22: Teacher had us buy a Batman comic book for class then made references to movies & Breaking Bad in class, yep, I think this will be a good one.

January 23: That confusing moment when you get a Christmas tree in the mail… That you didn’t order.. In January… What.

January 24: “Does anyone here have retractable claws like Wolverine? Because if you do, get out. I’m freaked out now.” – Police & Society teacher

January 24: So far my Sociology of Women class is just reiterating my dislike of and sexism against the female gender. Good grief.

January 26: “If I’m not good at something, then I’m really bad at it.” – Michael

January 27: After a night of watching AVPM, making tea, running around Walmart with Lightsabers, finally watching Superbad and eating lemon bars, I found myself up yet again at all hours of the night. Still worth it. Friends are most important. :) – With Blake, Andrew, David, Sonjay, Taylor, Hailey and James.

January 27: “That’s why I don’t like helping people move. I lose my hot pockets.” – Michael

January 28: Dear Kansas,
While I appreciate today’s warm weather more than it’s possible to express, I would like you to stop being a tease. 70 today and 30 on Wednesday is not something I am ok with, I don’t like winter anyways but when you do this to me it makes me sad.
Maybe just stay warm, please?

January 29: By the way, I got bored and cut off all my hair again. But this time, padawan braid too. :D


January 29: You know you should start working out more often when people are actually shocked to see you at the rec.

January 30: Dear Snow,
I admit that you are pretty and I’m gonna try and not complain about you all day but if I fall because of you that deal is off. So be nice to me and I’ll be nice to you, yes?

January 30: My supervisor just brought me a cardboard tube and said, “Here Hope, have a lightsaber.” At which point I of course pulled out my lightsaber…

January 31: “If you have to Cliff Notes a shape, you’re probably stupid.” – Sonjay

February 1: Dear 30 Rock,
I’ve invested a lot of my time in the past years watching you, enjoying your humor and deeply caring for your characters. I’m now about to watch your last episode from last night and must say I will miss you deeply. Right up til this last episode you’ve been flawless.
NBC, you did good.

February 4: To have a thirty-second spot during the Superbowl costs around 3.5 million US dollars, Marvel spent that to just let us stare at Robert Downey Jr. stare at a camera. God bless Marvel.

February 4: And now due to today’s news I shall be listening to only Fall Out Boy for the foreseeable future because I am so happy. I’ve missed them.

February 5: Giving each other welts from lightsaber dueling at the rec. Worth it. – With Blake and David

February 7: Me: Michael, I don’t sort my laundry either. I don’t have money for that, I just wash them all on cold!

Michael:  AHHH!!! NOOOO!!! BAD HOPE!! Your women’s studies teacher needs to start teaching you something worthwhile.

February 7: Blake and I are legitimately learning the ways of the Force right now.

February 7: Next time someone tells me I’m “too childish”, I’m just going to look them directly in the eyes and say very calmly, “You are what you eat.” then walk away slowly maintaining eye contact the entire time.

February 8: My friends are amazing. I don’t know what I would do without you all. You guys know just what to say when I’m having a bad day! :)

February 9: Nothing unites college students like classic Disney songs. :) – With Blake, David, Michael, Sonjay, Taylor and Hailey

February 11: Cool kids burn their hands with salt and ice. 555897_10151306516254033_1149817623_nFebruary 11: Learning how to fence is a great idea. – With Blake

February 12: It was a normal, frustrating day in Sociology of Women, sitting listening to the teacher stereotype and rant about men when suddenly, the back door to the classroom was thrown open and two guys, both wearing pink headbands, diapers over their shorts and pink paper hearts taped all over their clothes emerged. One guy was carrying a boombox blasting Gangnam Style and the other was holding a box of chocolates. The two danced their way to the front of the classroom and handed the chocolates to a very embarrassed girl sitting in front. Needless to say, this was one of the only interesting things that will come from that class this year.

February 13: *Loud noises down the hall*
Michael: *Closes door* Wow people are stupid.
Me: Or are having a heart attack…
Michael: I’ve heard people having heart attacks that don’t make that sound. It’s like stupidity took the form of a wolf and is mauling them!

February 14: Ok Google, it’s Single’s Awareness Day, I get that you have to do a special doodle for the day, I really do. But what the heck is this? Why are random animals falling in love with each other? O.o.525472_10151311720009033_1010009925_n

February 14: Michael: “David, you’re being creepy.”

David: “It’s called being a photographer!”

February 15: I think it’s important to let you all know, in Polish, the phrase for “Not my problem” – “nie moj cyrk, nie moje malpy” literally translates to “Not my circus, not my monkey.” You’re welcome for that information.

February 15: Harlem Shake definitely made my day. – With Blake, Hailey, Sonjay and Tia

February 17: Public Service Announcement: I know the new Lay’s Chips sound interesting, maybe even interesting enough to try and eat just for an adventure. I’m here to tell you DO NOT EAT THEM. Chicken and Waffles should probably not ever go together but definitely not together on a chip. Just nope.

February 20: John Green is on the news, dining hall has my favorite cookies and campus is closed for tomorrow because of snow! I am unbelievably happy and excited right now.

February 20: Sometimes Sonjay leaves his room to change his pants and goes in the stairway instead. Where there is a camera. Good job. :P

February 23: Not many people could get me to climb a snow mountain, climb in a snow cave and crawl through a snow tunnel. But it was worth it. – With Blake, James and Andrew

* Not a status but* February 25: In a relationship :D Facebook official!

 February 27: Dear Sociology of Women teacher,
It’s not a ploy of clothing designers to make women wear skirts and dresses so we can’t run away as easy. Also, I’ve literally never heard of half of these beauty products you’re rambling off.
Please shut up, no one cares.
February 27:  Sometimes Hailey takes Sonjay’s glasses and he then threatens to eat her speech book. Then actually eats a page…
*Extra points to you if you can guess just from my statuses who I’m dating :P *

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4 responses to “My Life in Facebook Statuses (Part 4)”

  1. tiallarising says :

    I really can’t tell who you’re dating…but…I friended you on Facebook! :) Your statuses are so hilarious! haha

    • elvishjesusfreak says :

      Neat! I friended you back! And thanks :) I try! Also just FYI, my real life friends mostly don’t know about my blog so don’t mention it on my Facebook or anything. :) Also it’s Blake I’m dating. Which I noticed when compiling my statuses just how much I mention him.. :P

      • tiallarising says :

        Awesome! :) Thanks for friending me back. No problem – I won’t mention the blog. Oh, Blake. Okay…I noticed that you did mention him a lot, but you also mentioned Michael a lot, so I wasn’t sure. ;)


      • elvishjesusfreak says :

        No problem! :) And thanks! And yeah.. :) I just hang out with all the same people all the time. It’s great! But Blake is the best :P

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