Friends Can Be Family

As I mentioned several posts ago, everything this semester is going super well and I’ve been hanging out with my friends a ton.

In the past week, that has just gotten more true. Our friend Michael’s roommate moved out at semester and he didn’t get another one so we have all literally just decided to basically move in. If I’m not asleep, at work or class, I’m in Michael’s room (Or at least with that group!) Michael, Blake, Sonjay, David, Hailey, Tia, Taylor, Andrew, James and I hang out all the time. Every single night at least those of us that live in the dorm (All but Andrew, James and Taylor) hang out and generally the others come too and it’s awesome. I’m back to little sleep and a lot of fun and honestly, though I’ve been averaging at most 5 hours of sleep,  it’s always worth it. I can sleep when I’m older, when I’m away from these people and not constantly surrounded by friends that are my new family. I know I’ll always have these memories.

In addition, I cut off all my hair again last week and left a Star Wars Padawan braid, because of this decision, I have now been taking my plastic lightsaber everywhere with me and so has Blake. The amount of lightsaber duels we’ve had all over the dorm and in Walmart and at the Gym this week has been phenomenal. And we’re actually getting pretty good at it. :)

I literally have the coolest family of friends ever.

Hope <3


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I'm learning to love and be and grow up and things are hard but God is always so good.

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