2/1/2013 ~ Dear Future Husband

From To My Future Spouse Tumblr:

– I’ve stopped believing I’ll ever find you. I’m sorry.

– You will make me blindingly angry. You will make me cry. You will confuse the heck out of me. You will disappoint me. I will do the same to you. We are only human. But I can promise you this: I will never give up on you. I love you.

 –  Wherever you go, whatever you do, take me with you.
– 30 Rock is ending this week. Hold me? :(
– I can’t wait until it storms in the middle of the night, and I’ll be able to hold you tight. :)
– Is it okay if we don’t talk on the phone a lot while we’re dating? I loooooathe talking on the stupid phone. Skype instead?
–  Please… Keep quoting Anchorman with me and laughing ridiculously loud when I tell you that I want to buy you leather-bound books for your house that smells of rich mahogany. Keep giving me a hundred little kisses all over my face, and don’t stop when I’m lost in uncontrollable laughter. Keep spitting my out-of-control curls out of your mouth when my crazy hair is in your face, and remind me how much you love it. Keep taking me to our favorite Mexican restaurant and let me order foods covered and filled with that gloriously gooey cheese. Keep having movie nights in sweats when I’m too exhausted from my jobs to get dolled up and go out to the fancy dinner we have reservations for. Keep planning road trips and beach vacations, attending weddings and concerts, going to Cardinals baseball games, and doing every day life with me. Keep looking me in the eye with that gentle look that screams more than words ever could at a volume human lungs can’t reach.

I Promise… I’ll keep watching and quoting silly movies to make you laugh after a long, exhausting day when you’re grumpy and hungry. I’ll cook frozen pizzas to perfection, and always give you 6 (well… maybe 5) of the 8 peices. I want to rub your back and force you to put lotion on your dry hands when you’ve been working out in the cold. I will grimace, but overlook that you text “your” when you really mean “you’re.” I will keep kissing your overly-ticklish neck no matter how much you try to squirm away from me. I always want to go to the Mexican restaurant – even if we were just there the night before. There will never be a day I’m not proud to call you mine. I will always smile when your name pops up on my phone with the daily good morning and good night text messages. Although I tried to fight it initially, I’ve given you my whole heart, every ounce of love I have, and it’s yours for the rest of my life.

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I'm learning to love and be and grow up and things are hard but God is always so good.

2 responses to “2/1/2013 ~ Dear Future Husband”

  1. vixstar1314 says :

    Keep believing, you will find each other.

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