1/25/2013 ~ Dear Future Husband

From To My Future Spouse Tumblr:

– I  hope you’re ready to have to deal with an introverted girl when you meet me. I hope that you’ll know exactly what to say to calm me down and make me feel better when I’m anxious. I hope you’ll understand that social events wear me out, and most of the time, I’m happy staying at home. I hope you’re okay with sometimes just being silent and just enjoy each other’s presence. More than likely, when we first meet I’ll be very shy and won’t say much. But I promise that as soon as I realize that you’re the one that’s right for me and that I can trust, I’ll be more open and honest, and more myself with you than I ever have been with anyone else. I know that you’ll be the one to bring out the best in me

– Let’s spoil our children with the Word of God, and never leave them wondering who Jesus is. Let’s lead by example and love our children unconditionally the way Christ loves us. I promise to stand by your side as you lead our family closer to God. I’m so excited to have a family of our own! I love you even now.

Your Future Wife
–  Any day now, if you just wanna, you know, come into my life, I’d be okay with that.
– I’m a hard sleeper, but you can wake me up anyway you’d like and I’ll return the favor.
– I don’t want to meet you in a dark dingy bar where people have one thing on their mind. I want to meet you in a used book store, or a coffee shop, or while you’re walking your chocolate Labrador  Somewhere away from pressures and beating speakers. I want to meet you where you are you.
–  I want to stay up till 3 in the morning with you just cuddling and watching movies, then we’ll drive up our local park in our pajamas and you’ll push me on the swings and lay on a blanket with me and watch the stars till sunrise. We’ll probably be exhausted, so we can head home and cuddle and sleep for the rest of the day. Are you in?
– I pray that you will enjoy strolls downtown at night, that you will read the latest books with me and discuss them. I pray that you will remain pure for me as I have for you. I want you to enjoy the simple things as much as I do, like the leaves falling in autumn or a cool winters breeze. I hope that you will forgive my faults as I will yours. I want you to know how to cheer me up after a stressful day at work. Surprise me with little things that show how much  you care. But most of all, I pray I meet you soon and that when we do finally meet, that you will be ready for me.
– I am going to warn you now, I am not a lovely person in the mornings. I am actually quite grumpy. So say something nice but don’t expect a response. It will take me a few minutes…but once I am awake, I’ll be the sweet little thing you know  ;)
– There are some absolutely incredible, Godly men in my life. It is difficult for me to think that God could have someone better for me than one of them. If I have yet to meet you, I can’t even begin to imagine how wonderful you are now, let alone how wonderful you will be when I see you face to face and realize who you are.
– You can trust me not to hurt you. I’ll always be there for you, and I’ll do my best to never let you down. I’m here forever and ever.
– As I sit here reading in bed, I can’t help but be excited for the nights when you are silently reading your book next to me. But I have a feeling things won’t be silent for long…
– I hope to grow in my faith with you and be happy and dance in the kitchen and not be rational just for a day and just be spontaneous and have beautiful children.
– (you+me) x roadtrip = the best time of our lives

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