A beginning of the semester update

I mean, I knew that when I’m here I’m way better and I knew I’d be less depressed than at home but I didn’t realize how much better I would be. It’s literally been a month since I didn’t just feel alone and sad and depressed and anxious but now that I’m here, even before most of my friends are, I’m happy and excited and awaiting their arrival impatiently. I didn’t realize how much better I had gotten until I was talking to my friend Anna last night and she was like, “I haven’t seen you like this in a long time.” And I haven’t been, it’s been too long but this feeling is great.

Being back is the best thing ever and hanging with everyone is fantastic. This truly is home and while I missed everyone with all of my heart I don’t think even I knew how much I missed this, these guys are the best. As the Doctor says, my friends have always been the best of me.

Late nights, watching Monty Python, hanging out and just being our nerdy selves talking about everything was a perfect way to officially sort of start the semester Sunday night, being back with everyone (Including my ex and NOTHING IS AWKWARD!! Everything is back to normal, we’re still good friends and I’m even back to borrowing comic books from him which is probably the biggest relief of my life!)

Monday was spent seeing Les Mis finally with David and Devon (It was beautiful and wonderful!!) and then hanging out with David, Hailey, Sonjay, Blake, Michael and Taylor after that. Just like last semester, no sleep and lots of friends, it’s wonderful. :)

Yesterday was the first day of classes and though my Tuesdays and Thursdays will be extremely busy, I like all my classes so far (One even has a Batman comic book as one of the required readings!!!) and work won’t be bad after everything calms down. Then in the evening we all just hung out again in Michael’s room (It’s become the designated hang out spot because Michael’s roommate had to leave at semester so there’s way more room in there now!)

This morning  I only had one class and happened to have it with Andrew and he already ordered the book and I didn’t so he said I could borrow it which is awesome! And now I’m at work for a few more hours and I actually think this semester will be a really interesting and fairly easy one.

I’m excited, it’s gonna be the best one yet and full of fun and friends. I’m excited to see what happens next.

Also, I started and have now almost finished watching Breaking Bad as of last week and it is wonderful and addicting! :D

Hope <3


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I'm learning to love and be and grow up and things are hard but God is always so good.

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