1/18/2013 ~ Dear Future Husband

From the To My Future Spouse Tumblr:

– I thought I would know exactly what I would type to you. I expected it to be nice and full of thought. But honestly, the thought of writing something to you, supposedly “addressed” to you, scares me. I expected to have a little paragraph typed out describing how I hope we would meet or something like that but.. I got nothin’… I just want you.

– My Marriage and Family professor taught us that a successful marriage consisted of satisfaction between husband and wife plus a length of at least seven years. I disagree. While that is a nice, concise formula to use, I believe that a successful marriage is one in which the husband and wife have allowed God to be the center of their marriage and have both recognized that He is the reason that their marriage is working. I can’t wait to have a real successful marriage with you. With love, your future wife.

– I’m excited for when you come home from work. We’ll watch TV and laugh all night. As simple as it sounds, I know everything will simply be better when it’s done with you.

– There’s a song by The Civil Wars called “To Whom It May Concern.” It’s perfect for us.

– I promise to always make you happy when you are sad, angry or annoyed. Because when you aren’t happy, that is the only thing on my mind and I cannot eat, work, talk, sleep or do anything else until I know that your happy again.

– I can spout all of the romantic words I want, but if my actions don’t back up my love language, it all means nothing.

– I’m praying for you.

– Help me change the world, won’t you?

– Recently I got to witness an amazing meteor shower. I couldn’t help but think of and wish for you the entire time. You know, I’ve always dreamed about one day going on a stargazing date. Just you, me, and a blanket out in the country watching the stars. We’d make up our own constellations and gasp breathlessly at the occasional shooting star. I wouldn’t have to wish for anything, cause you’d be there with me.

– I haven’t met you yet, but I think of you everyday.

– Kiss me whenever you want and I promise to do the same.

– I’m going to need you to have a sense of humor. Otherwise, this probably won’t work.




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