1/5/2013 ~ Dear Future Husband

*I forgot yesterday was Friday so I made a different post then but here you go!*

Dear Future Husband,

This week, 4 couples I know have gotten engaged, two of them are some of my closest friends and all but one are at least a year younger than me. At first this made me kind of depressed and sad but something in me has changed. For the first time in a long time I feel hopeful, not discouraged about things. Maybe God has someone in mind for me after all and maybe things will get better.

Hope <3

From the To My Future Spouse Tumblr:

– I’d really like to watch the 2016 Summer Olympics with you. 

– My younger sister just got engaged and I can’t help but feel like I’m missing out on something wonderful. I can’t wait to find you. But if I have to wait a little while then I will, because once we find each other, we’ll spend the rest of our lives together. I know God is preparing my heart for you just as He is preparing you for me. Please love God first, even above me. Oh and you have to love ice cream too. :) Love, Your Future Wife (*My sister didn’t just get engaged but two of my best friends did so the feeling is the same*)

– The spot next to me is empty…want to lay down and be my snuggle buddy tonight?

– Right now, I’m trusting in God’s plan that whatever I’m going through, it’s to lead me to you. Whether we find our way back to one another or whether what I had with him was a foretaste of what we now share. 
Regardless, you’ll understand that my heartbreaks and disappointments along the way don’t make me a girl in need of fixing and saving, because we have a Savior who’s already done that, but merely a chance for us to build each other up, to be reminded of our own brokenness and imperfections and to give each other that same grace each and every day. 

– Have a good New Year’s Eve, darling. Hopefully 2013 will finally bring us together.


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I'm learning to love and be and grow up and things are hard but God is always so good.

5 responses to “1/5/2013 ~ Dear Future Husband”

  1. leelee says :

    Hope, I promise it does get better. Friends tend to get engaged in clusters. It will seem like everyone but you is finding their special someone. Then all of a sudden, those kinds of notices will stop. When you find your love, you will understand why it took longer than you wanted.

  2. leelee says :

    Hope, don’t get too frustrated because your friends are finding love on a different timeline than you. Being among the first of your friends to fall in love or even get married in no way guarantees a lifetime of happiness. Anything worth having, including love, is worth waiting until the time is right.

  3. shammee says :

    You are person full of light , and there is so much positive vibes from you …..
    Whenevr I see beautiful love around , I am also filled with hope , & it makes my faith even more stronger …..
    So here we are waiting for our future husbands ….

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