I HATE stuff.

I know that Christmas time usually tends to bring out people’s materialistic side and people tend to get greedy and everything but I realized something recently that hit me especially yesterday. I hate stuff. Like, yeah, some stuff is cool and I do really enjoy having books and my fandom related objects but honestly, I have way too much stuff.

Being home and being in my childhood room (Well, kinda, I mean, I moved here at the beginning of High School but when we moved I didn’t go through much stuff, we pretty much just packed everything in a hurry and came to Kansas, so I still have a ton of childhood stuff in my room!) has made me realize how much crap is in here and I’ve started going through it and throwing away stuff and packing up stuff to give away (Another thing I’ve realized, as a child I kept EVERY PAPER from ANYTHING. Oh my…). I don’t need any of this. I mean, everything I need is in my dorm room anyways, the stuff that remains here is just stuff I haven’t spent time going through yet and need to get rid of.

Another thing is, I’ve grown up in my house with tons of random crap EVERYWHERE. I mean for real, our house is never clean in any form because my parents have papers and things they found on sale so they bought in every room in the house (Including all over my room now that I’m not here most of the time. When I got back for break, I couldn’t see my floor. Or my bed because of TONS OF PAPERS) and that’s made me also not care about having stuff, it’s a nuisance and it’s not like any of these things are ever used, they’re all for “just in case”, most of them not even useful.

I want to get rid of everything I don’t need. For real. Other than clothes and things I actually need (Ok fine, also not my fandom stuff or my books) but everything else, I want it gone. I have too much stuff, other people need these things and I don’t. I don’t want or need gifts, time and people are what’s important to me. When people choose to spend their time with me, that means way more than a gift does, anyone can give a gift, people who care give their time.

I want to be a minimalist. Have the least amount possible. The things I want to keep are what matter to me. And people. I want to keep them.



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I'm learning to love and be and grow up and things are hard but God is always so good.

2 responses to “I HATE stuff.”

  1. Naomi says :

    Haha, I feel the same with clothes and cards. But there are just some papers you can’t throw away because of the memories associated with it.

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