My Life in Facebook statuses. (Part 2)

I liked the last time I made a post like this because sometimes I try to make witty Facebook statuses so once again, here are some of the better ones I’ve had in the past month of so.

So here you go!

November 3: It makes my day that people are interviewing each other in our lobby to see who could join their Zombie survival team. Priorities: My floor has them.

November 6: All of my Facebook is either filled with things about voting or about Halo 4. And now I just witnessed some angry man yelling lies about religion in front of the Union, I need election day to be over.

November 8: When our floor was discussing whether or not Vampire Diaries was a quality show or not:

Iniki: Get over yourself, David!

David: Get over myself? It’s you I have a problem with!

November 9: Only at college can you witness 8 people riding their bikes through Seaton and onto the street. I don’t know what just happened.

November 10: Talking to me: “You have so many issues it’s impossible to even deal with them all at once.” ~ Alex (My roommate)

November 12: *Two guys on my floor*

Dylan: I’m too tired to be sassy right now.
Michel: That’s when I become sassay!!

November 13:

Dear people walking around comfortably in shorts,
Please show me your magic ways of staying warm. I do not like this weather, it makes me want to die.
Girl who is freezing in a coat, gloves and a Hufflepuff scarf

November 16: Found on the internet and is so accurate: Dear women who went to see the last Twilight film at midnight, THIS is why you’re alone every other night at midnight.

November 21: I successfully peeled and chopped up carrots without chopping my hand. I’m making progress here. *Within 30 minutes, I had 12 people like this, that’s when I knew I had a problem.*

November 21: Noelle (My sister): *Opens dishwasher that is still going* “Oh sorry! You’re not done yet!”

November 22: I’m so thankful for pie, even though I ate too much of it, it was delicious. :) My love for pie really does rival Dean Winchester’s love for it.

November 28: I’m not gonna lie, sometimes when it’s cold enough to see my breath I walk around and pretend like I’m a dragon. I regret nothing.

November 29: Iniki: “Sometimes you just need a friend to jump up and down about your fandoms with you, even if they don’t care.”

November 30: Nothing like practicing the Gangnam style dance with your supervisor at work.

December 1: Today was definitely one of the best days ever! When you can’t go swimming, the next obvious choice is to go hiking in swimming clothes and flip flops up and down Manhattan Hill. :) You guys are all awesome.

December 2: After a second night in a row of staying up past 4am, I have concluded that sleep is for the weak. Friends are always more important. :)

December 3: Thank you, Kansas. For once in my life I am enjoying the weather in December. You can stay 70 degrees as long as you want.

December 3: Just read a fanfiction about Sauron, Voldemort, The Hulk and a Dalek. What the heck?

December 9: Listening to Siri be sassy is the most entertaining thing I’ve done all day.

December 10: Wow, Kansas. You stayed warm for a long time but sure didn’t waste any time getting cold did you?

December 11: I’m not excited about this 7:30 Stats final across campus when it’s freezing outside but at least I’m done with math classes forever after this!

December 11: Finals week makes people more sassy than usual. And makes people apparently like to steal my stuff more than usual as well. And then sometimes use martial arts moves against me…. :)

December 12: You would think that continuously getting only 4 hours of sleep would start to take a toll but really I’m just getting used to it now, and besides, hanging out with people makes it totally worth it.


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