Nearly a year ago, I made a post announcing my excitement about the premiere of the long awaited Hobbit trailer (, now, after many long months of waiting, it is finally here. In five hours, I shall be leaving my dorm to go stand in line for the midnight premiere of the Hobbit. Despite my hatred of the cold, standing outside waiting for 3 hours with good friends is hardly a problem, this is a movie I’ve been waiting for since the moment I read the book, roughly 12 years ago. It’s a moment I’ve hoped would come (and come from Peter Jackson) since the second I first watched the Lord of the Rings movies and took in their perfection.

Despite all my other fandoms, all the other things that I’ve fallen in love with and enjoyed and fangirled over in life, the Lord of the Rings were one of my first, they were the first things I truly loved out of this world, this was the first world I joined outside of my own, the stories that really mattered. So, now matter how many other fandoms may have seemed to take place in my heart about the tales of Middle Earth, they will always be the dearest in my life, and that is why tonight I might get a bit emotional, I’ve been waiting to return to Middle-Earth for so long. These are the stories that changed my life.

I’ve waited long enough, tonight is time.



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