A Tale of Little Sleep and Fun with Friends

I apologize for my lack of updating as of late but finals week is currently happening and “dead week” (aka the teacher’s try to kill you with work week) was last week so for once I’ve actually been not procrastinating (as much) and have put my school work (and my friends) ahead of other things (like this blog).

Anyways, to pick up where my last update left off, just after I posted my last update, to continue the fun from our adventures, after my school’s home football game, Andrew texted me and David and told us we should come hang out, unfortunately neither of us have a car so we went to track someone down. Ben was going to bed (I mean, it was almost 1am by this point but who needs sleep? I can sleep when I’m dead.), Hailey was going to hang out with some other friends and everyone else with a car had something else to do (Mostly sleep…) so after searching for a while we finally convinced Blake that he should not stay up doing nothing and watching TV and should drive us. He did, and by the time we got to Andrew’s it was nearly 2am, we stayed there for a while as Andrew, David, Blake and James (Andrew’s roommate) played Super Smash Bros (And I watched due to lack of controllers) and then watched Avatar: The Last Airbender as they played Magic: The Gathering (Their main obsession in life). It was funny because while playing Super Smash, Blake told one of them to stop playing like a girl, then immediately realized  that I was there and he should apologize. Considering I have a pure hatred of 95% of the female population my response was, “Are you kidding me? I’m more sexist against women than most guys I know!” Being the amazing boyfriend he is and having a lot of the same opinions as I do, Andrew just turned to look at me and said, “Hope, I like you so much.” This all went on for a while until about 4:30 when David and I were like “Um, guys, we have to wake up about 8:30 for church…” so we left. (Like I said, I can sleep when I’m dead).

The next few days were uneventful until Tuesday after I got done with class and Hailey and I went to finally go get my bellybutton pierced! Surprisingly, though I was terrified beforehand it didn’t hurt at all and I really like it! When we got back, Hailey, Sonjay, Michael, Ben and I went to dinner and then the 5 of us plus David and Becca and Tia (Who I had just met at dinner) all went on our weekly swimming adventure to the University’s pool.

Thursday night, I went to my student ministry Navigators as usual (And gave the announcements because I’m an official MC now!!) and afterwards I got a text from Hailey saying that they were all (Her, David, Ben, Sonjay and Blake) going over to Andrew’s to watch a movie if I wanted to ride with them (The answer of course was yes, though fortunately for once I didn’t have classes Friday so it didn’t matter how late I stayed up!) so we went, hung out there and stayed until about 3.

Friday night, Carrie and I ate dinner together and then went to my friend Allie’s Christmas party and giggled and decorated cookies and colored out of coloring books (we’re totally adults guys, it’s fine!). Then Allie was like, “Check out this ginormous stocking I have! Two people will fit inside!” So of course Carrie and I being the mature, completely normal people we are got inside…


After that, we went back and I went bowling with David, Hailey, Michael, Ben, Sonjay, Blake and Tia (And by bowling I mean they were bowling and I didn’t want to spend money and I suck at bowling so I just hung out) and then went to Burger King.

Saturday was mostly spent studying (And thinking a lot about the Hobbit) until about 10 when I got a text from Andrew (who was also bored of studying) saying that they wanted to make pancakes and did I want to come (As you can all tell by this point, I don’t say no to hanging out really) so he, James and Ben picked me up and we went to his apartment where we were later joined by Sonjay and Blake. After our late night pancakes, we watched the movie Rat Race then decided to watch random things on Netflix. Sonjay and Ben decided about 2:30 that they were tired and should go to bed but Blake and I decided we should stay. After a while James went to bed too so Andrew and I were kinda cuddling on the couch with Blake sitting next to Andrew (Andrew asked if he wanted to cuddle with us but for some reason he said he’d pass…:P) then about 4 Andrew looked over and was like, “Um, Hope. What time do you have to get up for church?” I replied 8:40 and he of course asked with a bit of concern if I would be ok, the answer was yes, I can sleep when I’m dead.

Since then I’ve been studying, working a bit and I’ve taken 5 of my 6 finals (The last final is in about 4 hours, I’m SO ready to be done! And then I’ll stay at school til Friday evening!). Last night, I went to bed early (at 10:30, so we’re talking EXTREMELY early), not because I was tired but because I simply was bored of studying and had nothing else to do. Then (fortunately my phone was on), Andrew texted me about 11:30 and asked if I wanted to go get something to eat with all of them. The answer was yes and that proves just how much I like this kid, I woke up, got out of my bunk bed and changed out of my pajamas to go hang out with them. :) He’s worth it though. After eating Ben wanted to continue hanging with James and Andrew and though I had to work this morning at 8 I said I wanted to as well. So we went to Andrew’s apartment, watched Futurama (as Andrew and I were cuddling on the couch some more. :D) and stayed until 3-ish. So yes, again I got roughly 4 hours of sleep but it’s ok. After my final at 2pm I have nothing else to do and can sleep and hang out til I go home Friday.

Basically, this is the story of my life right now, and I regret nothing.

tumblr_l664v5mr3z1qanb21o1_500_thumbHope ♥



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