Adventure Time!

No this post title is not a reference to the brilliantly, fantastic, cartoon children’s show on Cartoon Network that I’ve recently gotten addicted too, it’s about my own life adventures. :D But for future reference, Adventure Time is by far one of the best shows currently on.

So this weekend started off with me having absolutely no plans and kind of expecting to be bored the whole time. As has proved true in the past, this keeps turning out to be the best way to start a weekend because spontaneous adventures are more fun!

So yesterday, I went to work and while being kind of bored at work, my supervisor Ben (Who is not my usual supervisor, he’s usually in a different part of the office but our normal one was out for the day) started teasing me about my excitement for the Hobbit (You guys for real have no idea, it’s getting weird and over the top and scaring people, TWELVE MORE DAYS!!!!!) and then randomly got on the subject of Gangnam style. Yes, the Korean singer/dancer Psy has kind of exploded with popularity and nearly everyone knows the song and dance to Gangnam style but I wasn’t quite expecting Ben to reference it, but then it got better because he was complaining about how he couldn’t do part of the dance so he tried to practice, at the front of our office, then somehow convinced me to as well, definitely a humorous way for one’s office time to go. Then about 4:40, 20 minutes before our office closes and we get to leave, Ben asked us all if we wanted to leave early. Naturally we said yes (after we clarified that he wasn’t trolling us) and he let us leave!
After that my Friday not got incredibly boring and for a while I was worried about the direction my life was going because I literally spent two hours going through my iTunes and making sure all my 2,000 songs had album artwork. Wow, really, Hope, kudos to you, you successfully spent your first Friday night as a 21-year-old in the most boring way possible.

But that all changed when the fire nation attacked. I mean, then around 11, Andrew messaged me on Facebook saying that Ben, Sonjay and Hailey were getting ready to come to his apartment and that David and I should come over with them immediately. We did so of course and got there, made macaroni and cheese (With Phineas and Ferb and Spongebob shapes of course), watched the show Archer (Inappropriate at times but hilarious), played some Super Smash Bros. (You will never understand how terrible at that game I am… but I’m getting better now.), played a board game called Ticket To Ride and watched Fullmetal Alchemist (Yep, getting into Anime now, you know, I really wasn’t enough of a nerd before, we must go NERDIER!! :P). After that we mostly just talked and looked up humorous YouTube videos for a bit until around 4am when we decided maybe it was time for us all to leave and come back to the dorms so we could sleep.

Today after waking up about noon, I prepared to go with my Hailey to go get my bellybutton pierced. WHAT. Yeah, you know, it’s been since July since I got a spontaneous piercing, I need another one right? Well, what happened was Hailey suggested it the other day and when I asked why she asked why not and I had no good answer and then she offered for it to be my birthday/Christmas present so I accepted. However, upon our arrival at the tattoo parlor, we were informed that the piercing person was out sick today, so we went and grabbed some ice cream and window shopped for a bit before being anxiously texted by Ben saying that they were ready for us all to go swimming and we should come back and get ready immediately

Ben, Hailey, Michael, Blake, Sonjay, Diamond and I got all ready to go swimming and were excited but then when trying to go into the building found out that due to our home football game today the pool was closed. A bit disheartened we started to leave when Sonjay said, “Guys, we’re dressed for an adventure, we have to find one.” In a rare moment of being decisive, I said, “You guys are all freshman, have you ever been to Manhattan Hill?”, the majority of them had not so I said that we needed to go immediately. We went and instead of just sitting on the letters that say Manhattan and enjoying the view as I have always done before, we all decided that we should go exploring fully in the forest (While still in our swimming clothes and flip-flops. Though most of us ditched the shoes and went barefoot down and eventually back up the rocky path.). While this may not seem like the smartest idea, it was actually the best. Oh man, like literally top 5 days of my life. I’m so blessed by this new group of friends, I can’t even tell you.

The beginning of this semester I was so sad and lonely and Carrie was really my only friend that I was in consistent contact with (By the way, the reason she was not involved with my adventurous weekend is she’s in marching band and as the last home football game is this weekend, she doesn’t have a life unfortunately. :( ) but now I have this new awesome group and a boyfriend who is awesome and great (And he wasn’t there today because of the football game and tailgating and such) and I’m just so blessed and thankful and I take these things for granted way to often but God is good and did have a plan all along and is amazing at filling my heat’s needs and desires.

Thank you, God. :)

Hope ♥


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I'm learning to love and be and grow up and things are hard but God is always so good.

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