My 21st Birthday

Yesterday was my 21st birthday and it was without a doubt the best birthday I’ve ever had. I didn’t even do anything that like extraordinary but it was perfect.
I woke up, had a super sweet birthday text from my little sister, went to my two classes, ate lunch with my floor from last year like I always do and then came to back to my dorm. Since it was my birthday I had specifically asked off of work so I came back and browsed the internet and was super lazy and did nothing for like 2 hours.
Then after that I went to my boyfriend’s apartment and we cuddled and hung out and it was perfect and made me all kinds of happy because he gives me butterflies and ridiculous smiles on my face. And he gave me an adorable plush penguin and I’m not sure if I’ve ever talked about it here but penguins are my absolute favorite and I am kinda addicted to them, they’re so adorable!! :D
After that, my closest friends and I went to dinner together and some of us came back afterwards and just hung out and had some good conversation and enjoyed laughing together. After a bit they all had to go except David and Hailey and we hung out some more and pre-ordered our midnight premiere tickets for the Hobbit (I HAVE NEVER BEEN MORE EXCITED FOR ANYTHING!!!!! I’ll post about that another day though…)
I then saw that my dear roommate got me a pie (I FREAKING LOVE PIE) and a Hobbit poster along with the sweetest card ever that perfectly fits our friendship, it was incredibly sweet, I don’t even care about presents and I kinda even feel guilty when people get me stuff but it was lovely seeing how my friends thought of me. :)
I don’t think any of them will read this but I just want to thank them all so much, they’ve done so much for me just by being there with their friendship and I love them and feel so blessed to know them all. It was an excellent birthday, it was the first one I’d had away from my family and it was a blessing to get to spend it with the people I care the most about. They truly are my real family, none of us are related in blood but they’re my chosen family and I wouldn’t trade them for anything.
I am blessed.
Hope ♥


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I'm learning to love and be and grow up and things are hard but God is always so good.

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