A New Perspective

As I feared, my dad refuses to do anything about mom, I briefly talked to him this morning and he refused to acknowledge that she was in the wrong, he just said that all 3 of us clearly weren’t doing right and that’s why she’s not happy with us. It makes me sad a lot. I mean, I’ve been sad for the situation Noelle and I are in but I hadn’t really thought of Dad’s perspective, yes, he is the only one who could stop it from happening and he should man up and do so but he married her, he chose mom and expected to have a happy and loving life. Surely he never expected to live in a place where there’s hardly a happy time to be seen. This has to be as hard if not harder on him than it is on us. I think he’s in denial about it really, just choosing to ignore what’s going on, because if you ignore it then it’s not your fault, it’s not something you have to be responsible for.
I really wish I could do more to help here. I hate being helpless, I need to help my sister and my dad and I have no idea how.


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I'm learning to love and be and grow up and things are hard but God is always so good.

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