Well I Suppose I Should Tell You All…

Once again, I deeply apologize for my lack of frequent posting this week. I could blame this on my school work, and I would be partially accurate but there is another aspect of my life that has changed recently that has caused me to become, well, slightly distracted. I admit that I actually have kept something from you all for a bit but decided to wait for the reveal until I was actually sure something would happen, yes, I’ve hinted a bit but I suppose it’s time for you all to know: I have a boyfriend. *Insert ridiculously big grin and unusually girly happiness*. That’s right, I, Hope, the forever alone but wishing she wasn’t girl has a nice, not-creepy boy interested in her so much that he asked her to be his girlfriend. :D
This has now been official for a week as of today and obviously I’m not gonna go into too much detail here (Sorry internet, I don’t want you to have all the personal details of my life) but yeah, he’s pretty great. I met him through a friend on my dorm floor and a group of us have been hanging out together pretty much every night for about a month now. We hit it off pretty well, he loves the Office, Arrested Development and Hot Rod which was an instant bond (and we quote those all the time together now) and then I found out he also enjoys Marvel comics (and let me borrow some of his! :D) and thinks Loki is a great villain. It’s pretty dang exciting. :D Then about a week and a half ago he asked me to go on a date (We went to a movie) and within the next few days, he asked me to be his girlfriend, Facebook official and everything!
Isn’t God’s timing fantastic? Less than a week before this started happening was when I wrote a post about never finding anyone, and how I was gonna turn 21 without ever having gone on a date, apparently God had different plans which I am more than happy to accept. :D
So yeah… that’s what’s been happening, lots of hanging out and movie watching and such but I will be less busy school wise after tomorrow so hopefully I’ll get back to posting more regularly then! :D


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I'm learning to love and be and grow up and things are hard but God is always so good.

6 responses to “Well I Suppose I Should Tell You All…”

  1. Leelee Writes (@leeleegirl4) says :

    Yay! I am so glad for you, Hope.

  2. Tola says :

    Who just read this post with the biggest grin ever?? Meeeeeeeeeeeee! That was so cute… I’m happy for you =)

  3. Victoria-writes says :

    I’m so happy for you!

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