My Life in Facebook statuses.

Over the past few weeks, I’ve had some super random situations occur while walking around campus or just going about my day, naturally I’ve been trying to make witty Facebook statuses and tweets about them but since I don’t have most of my readers on Facebook, I thought I would share those experiences here. :)

– Just now as I was nonchalantly walking to class, minding my own business, a leaf came up and slapped me directly in the face.

– I just saw a person dressed as Santa Clause riding a skateboard. I love college.

– Coworker on the phone: “Can I put you on hold?” Caller: “Well, I just hit a dog & I’m waiting on the police so I can’t really hold on…”

– Dear random guy I don’t know in Kramer at breakfast this morning,
I’m sorry I accidentally gave you a creepy look. You happened to walk in front of the coffee cake that I had just spotted and I just couldn’t contain my excitement (because as everyone knows, unhealthy, delicious food makes me happy) and I accidentally made that creepily happy face at you.
Apologies from someone who loves breakfast cake too much,

– There is nothing that unites people like playing Backstreet Boys in the dining hall.

– Why my dad is awesome:
Me: Hey, who would win a fight against a grilled cheese sandwich and a taco?
Dad: A spicy taco would have more kick to it ensuring a win for the taco…unless it was sharp cheddar cheese… Then we have an even fight.
Well said dad. :)

– Listening to “Be Our Guest” while walking around campus makes me want to burst out into song and dance.

– The consequences of watching British vloggers all the time at work is sometimes answering the phone with an accent. I regret nothing.

– While walking to class just now,a girl walked past me, looked at me briefly and then immediately ran in the other direction. I have no idea what just happened.

– As I walk through campus listening to screamo, I am struck by the desire to learn how to scream. Too bad that’s just not an ability I have.

Also, I left this poster (inspired by Reddit) around campus:


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