10/13/2012 ~ Dear Future Husband

*Note: This is a day late because midterms are hard*

From the To My Future Husband Tumblr:
– I hope you don’t mind borrowing your t-shirts; I plan on doing that a lot!

– I’ve spent many days longing for your arms.
When I’m cold, when I’m tired, when I’m sleepy, when I’m depressed…..(And I feel all of those at this very moment.)
Lord, please make his arms my safe place. I’ll know he’s from You when I feel perfectly secure in his arms; when I feel Your love through his.
Still waiting, darling.
Love, Me

– Christianity is all about faith. I have faith in God, faith in his laws, and faith that there is a reason for everything he has revealed to us. Like chastity. I have faith that God has reserved you for me and that you will respect my belief in chastity. As my soul mate, I have faith that you’ll have a concern for my soul and my well-being. And I would be so damaged without a good relationship with Jesus, one that fornication can tarnish. So, I’ll keep praying for you, for a strong Christian man who accepts and shares my beliefs on chastity and who can lead me closer to Jesus and help me serve Him. Please don’t give up hope that I am out there, waiting for you. I’m eager to learn from you and love you every day.

– I love you not only for what you give me, but for what you give to the world.


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I'm learning to love and be and grow up and things are hard but God is always so good.

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