Why Wednesdays are my favorite.

Though none of my days this semester are incredibly difficult (Though some are boring) like everyone, I have a favorite day of the week. The weekend of course is my favorite time as I don’t work or have class but during the week Wednesdays happen to be my favorite. “And why might that be?”, you might be asking yourself quizzically. Well, let me tell you. :)
First of all, every Wednesday this semester I’ve gotten up an hour earlier than I need to so I can go prayer outside in the middle of our campus with some friends. Now, this idea hasn’t caught on quite as well as I’ve hoped, the first week it was just me and Chelsea, the second week just me and Jared and ever since then just me and Tyler but it’s always a really cool way to start out the morning, praising God and praying for everyone around campus. However since it is getting cold outside (This morning it was only 29 degrees…) we might have to find an inside location.
After prayer, I go to breakfast before my class, I usually have some extra time to eat on Wednesdays since I’ve been up earlier so I use our dining hall’s waffle maker and make a delicious (and terrible unhealthy) chocolate chip waffle and have some coffee. It’s a brilliant thing!
After that I go to my first class for the day – Social Interaction which is for my major and is really interesting (Which is good for an 8:30 class or I’d be dead every morning), after that, I have an hour break between classes that isn’t quite long enough to go back to my dorm so I sit in our student union and read my Bible and do some homework each week, then it’s time to go to History of Rock and Roll. Yes, you read that right people, I am taking a 3 credit hour class about Rock and Roll, and not only is it super fun, it’s generally regarded as the easiest class at my university, but not only that, I’m taking it with Gleason, Connor, Justin and Jared – 4 guys from West 5, my floor last year. It’s basically the best thing ever.
By the time that’s over, it’s lunch time! Jared has a class right after that but Gleason, Connor, Justin and I go back to West, get Roger and Dakota and then go to lunch! Lunch is always entertaining and then I go to work from 12:30-5. That part isn’t extremely entertaining but I can get my homework done and watch TV so it’s good.
Then to end the day, Supernatural’s new day is Wednesday night! Which I’m obviously quite excited about.
So yeah, that’s my Wednesdays.
How about you? What is your favorite day of the week?
Hope ♥


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I'm learning to love and be and grow up and things are hard but God is always so good.

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