We All Have a Story

Today while browsing Tumblr, I came across a post that one of my dear friends wrote and was stunned by her brilliance, she’s younger than me but daily I learn so much from her. She’s brilliant, beautiful, not afraid to speak her mind and most of all, doesn’t care what others think about her yet she cares more about others than most people I’ve met in my life. I thought I would share her post and then share some thoughts I had about it.

I was looking for a place to let out these thoughts, then I remembered… I have a blog. Neat, huh?
Well, there’s something that I want everyone out there to remember, and that’s how important it is to take yourself seriously. No matter what your goals and dreams are, or even what you’re living right now.
Haters gonna hate.
I learned very quickly at a young age that people won’t take the poor foreign girl seriously.
So I got into fights.
As I got older I realized that the weird girl in the room won’t be taken seriously either.
Less fighting, more trouble I won’t go into too much detail with.
Through high school I started forcing my chin up because no one takes the quirkiest girl in the room as seriously as the jocks and braniacs.
And now as I’m turning 18 and about to head out into the “real world,” I realize that I was serious that whole time. Whether it was physically, socially, or just emotionally, I had to fight to be respected every day of my life. I look back now and I don’t regret one minute or mistake of it.
What made me think of all this so strongly today was going into a local clothing shop. The people working there have known me for some time as a regular customer, some longer than others on a more personal level. Those that knew me better were kind and helpful. The rest regarded me sarcastically, even remarking about my “different” look, and providing no help in my search for decently-priced clothing items. It took me a minute to keep from getting too emotional, to be honest. Just because of the sheer disrespect.
I’ve always been the one with a “different” look. The one who chose to wear big glasses, got the brightest colors possible on her braces, never covered up her freckles with bronzer, and has a new, brighter hair color every 6 weeks or so.
Some people never question why.
And honestly, that’s become fine with me, because of two reasons:
1. If they aren’t willing to ask, they won’t take away any lessons from the stories.
2. They’ll hear the stories in my books/interviews/films anyway.
My name is Anna Charlotte-Marie, Charls for short, and sometimes Charli by very special people. I was born into extreme post Cold War poverty in the heart of Riga, Latvia. I am now living in America, and striving to become a visionary like none my generation has seen.
My mediums are photography, film, fashion, words, and art.
I want to hear your story. ~ http://itscharls.tumblr.com/

Ok, so obviously Anna is amazing and honestly if I could be anyone in the world it would be her, she is flawless and amazing. Ok, anyways, to actually get onto the point, we all have a story and all of us (Some like me and Anna more than others) are unique and don’t always fit in but who wants to do that anyways? Who wants to fit in when we can stand out and change the world? Why would we want to sit around doing nothing just drudging through everyday life without anything exciting ever happening? I want to stand out. I want to continue to be my unique, awkward, self even when people judge me for it. I have a story and so do you, and like Anna, I want to hear your story too.

Hope ♥


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