10/5/2012 ~ Dear Future Husband

From To My Future Spouse Tumblr:
– Here’s to the starry nights, the sunrises, the rainy days.
Here’s to the pillow fights, the old Broadway duets, the amazing kisses.
Here’s to retiring early, living in a small town, and singing our days away.
I can’t wait for forever to start <3

– I cannot wait for God to reveal you to me, someone perfectly fit to match who I am. To travel the world expressing our love for God, ministering to His people and doing His work together. Sometimes it’s hard to do it by yourself. Someday I will have you, and I will be your helper.

– Lately I’ve found myself thinking about our wedding and how it’s gonna be. How you’ll react when you see me walk down the aisle in my white dress. The feeling I’m gonna get when I see you at the other end of that very aisle waiting for me. The nervousness and the butterflies. The security I’ll feel when you hold me close as we dance our first dance together, the love and joy were gonna feel that day, and then I think of our wedding night. I wonder how scared I’m gonna be. I find myself almost in that time of our life and I begin to feel insecure and scared, but then the thought of you being so tender and assuring me that I’m gonna be all that you need floods my mind. I imagine you laying me down and caressing me, telling me how beautiful I am and how I fulfill all your desires. I begin to fall so madly in love with you at the thought of us making love. The fact that you and I will wait for this moment together is just so beautiful! I am warning you now I just might cry, and if I do just hold me(: it won’t be because I’m sad but it will be tears of joy and beauty! I look forward to being your wife, to making love to you, to waking you up in ways you won’t imagine (; to fulfilling your every need, to cooking dinner for you and keeping our house, making it into a home. I look forward to life with you my love! I want to be all that you need, physically, spiritually & emotionally.
Wait for me, darling.

– Today, I learned how to tie a tie. Not because I have to know, but because I want to know so I can help you tie yours someday.


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I'm learning to love and be and grow up and things are hard but God is always so good.

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