Amy and Rory are my companions.

In continuation from yesterday’s post about my distress about the departure of Amy and Rory on Doctor Who this weekend:
The death or departure of beloved fictional characters always pains me emotionally but I realized earlier why the departure of the Ponds is more painful than that of the rest of the Doctor Who companions. Since I watched series 1-5 of Doctor Who in a 3 week span two years ago, the other companions I knew for a few days or at most a week or so, Amy and Rory are the ones I’ve been with, having to waits weeks or months for their next episode, I couldn’t just click “next” on Netflix to watch their next adventure, I had to wait. I became the other girl who waited, the girl who waited for them and for the Doctor. That’s I think why they’re my companions, and why Matt is my Doctor. Because they’re the ones I’ve been with the longest, the ones I fell the most in love with.
And though I am looking forward to meeting the new companion, played by Jenna Louise Coleman, Amy and Rory will always have a special place in my heart. As the Doctor said on Saturday in The Power of Three, “You were the first face this face saw. You’re seared on my hearts”, that’s how I feel about them too and I’m going to miss them.


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