Karen and the Babes

For anyone who keeps up with Doctor Who, you probably know that it’s just a few more days until The Angels Take Manhattan, the mid-season finale and the episode that will with absolute certainty leave me in a puddle of tears on the floor.

Doctor Who has meant a lot to me for about 2 years now and like all fictional worlds that hold my heart, the characters in the show are equally important to me. This next week will see the end of Rory Williams and Amy Pond, my two all time favorite companions. This new series has been excellent thus far and while I’m looking forward to the new episode, I’m also dreading it because I know how emotional it will be. There’s been foreshadowing in the episodes up til this point and of course it’s been known for quite some time that they would be leaving in this Weeping Angels episode and head writer Steven Moffat confirmed that at least one of the two would die. This will mark the end of Team TARDIS, of the amazing chemistry the “Karen and the Babes” members of this cast has. Karen Gillan, Matt Smith and Arthur Darvill are not just the actors that portray these dear characters but through their years on this show, they’ve all grown to be best friends and people that I look up to and can always count on being entertained by in interviews. They’re the three that I know I would be friends with if the situation could occur, they’re quirky, nerdy and every bit as wonderful and flawless as their characters. Not only are they brilliant but they’re just as big of fans of the show as I am and knowing how much filming this episode tore them up emotionally is making it harder on me as well. All three of them said they had cried during the filming and there’s a heartbreaking video of Matt breaking down in tears reading the script.
I’m looking forward to Saturday but I know it’ll hurt as well.

“You know when grown-ups tell you everything’s going to be fine and you think they’re probably lying to make you feel better? The Angels Take Manhattan in four days. Everything’s going to be fine.”
~ The Doctor Who Twitter 9/25/2012


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