For a while now I’ve been obsessed with Mumford & Sons and all the songs I could possibly find by them and yesterday their new CD, Babel was FINALLY released, making me of course beyond thrilled.
As someone who loves music and listens to it all the time, I really enjoy musicians that write their own songs and I am especially appreciative of bands who write meaningful, beautiful songs. For those of you that haven’t heard any songs by Mumford & Sons (First of all where have you been? Go listen to them now!), they are definitely a band that does just that. Every song they have is beautifully written in a meaningful, poetic way that makes me happy to listen to.
I really got into their music about two years ago and have been anxiously awaiting their second CD since then and Babel did not disappoint. At this present moment, I can’t afford to buy their album so until I can I have been listening to their new songs every moment I’m able to be on my computer. Fortunately all the songs are now on both Grooveshark and YouTube and I have definitely been taking advantage of those services until I have money to spare.
Sigh No More, the first CD by Mumford & Sons, which was released in 2009 is quite honestly in my top 5 albums of all times and I believe in the last day Babel has made its way in that list too. It’s very rare in this day to have a whole album that I genuinely enjoy all of the songs equally and don’t feel at least on occasion that I want to skip a few songs. Both of these CDs are flawless, I love every song on both albums and could honestly listen to only them for probably the rest of my life.
Not only are their songs poetic and gorgeous, but their talent is impeccable. The instruments are played flawlessly and Marcus Mumford has one of the most unique and faultless voices I’ve ever heard. It’s a voice that makes me feel happy and warm and safe and content all at the same time.
So, in conclusion, this new CD has every bit of amazingness that their first CD had and you should all at least go listen to it (If not buy it) immediately!
Hope ♥


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