Why I love fictional characters: The Doctor

As you all know by now, there are several things that I love with all of my heart, two of those things are of course fictional characters and Doctor Who. So I decided to do some posts regarding why I love specific fictional characters and why they mean what they do to me.
Today’s post (As is obvious I hope by the title) is about the Doctor and why I love him as much as I do.
With the new season of Doctor Who starting up recently and with it getting closer to the Pond’s final episode, I’m getting more and more emotionally invested in this show. Anyways, not the point.
The point here is how much I love the Doctor. Now I figure that’s a pretty obvious character to love, I mean, he’s brilliant, funny, saves the world in each episode, what’s not to love right? (Unless of course you’re a Dalek.) But my love for the Doctor goes deeper than that, I love him in his bad times too, the times when he’s hurt and sad and lonely and angry but not only do I love him for those things, I can connect to him more than I can with a lot of other fictional characters. Obviously I can’t connect on a complete level, I’m not a brilliant alien who saves the world, and I haven’t destroyed races and planets, but when the Doctor, especially the 11th Doctor is being ridiculous, it’s reminiscent of what I do. Most of the times, he’s the most ridiculous person ever, making everyone smile, going out of his way to help people and causing random shenanigans but when you really look into his character and think about it, he’s not always that happy, sure, sometimes he is but some of the times, I think he acts that way because if he’s not acting ridiculous, he’ll be so incredibly sad and lonely that he honestly can’t stand it. Some people don’t understand that feeling but I do completely. People who know me in real life, people who just know me on the surface, would probably say those things about me, that I’m ridiculous and caring and would do anything for others, those things are all true and I really am one of the most ridiculous people around, but sometimes I am ridiculous for those same reasons, because the hurt and loneliness will catch up to me otherwise, I have to be ridiculous, or else I’ll be incredibly sad.
And that, along with countless other reasons is why I not only love the Doctor with my whole heart but why I can also connect to him, because I understand him.
Hope ♥


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