A Very Brief Rant

So I’m currently dealing with a cold that is making it so I can’t really breathe and my sinuses are terrible and my head hurts and my throat hurts so this isn’t going to be a long post but I recently discovered an issue that made me mad that I wanted to touch on.

It has come to my attention today that the New York City health department just approved a ban that will go into effect in March that would limit all soft drink sales in restaurants and movie theaters to under 16 oz. Besides the fact that if I lived in New York I would go into Dr Pepper withdrawals very quickly because of this ban, let’s think about how stupid this is. Sure, soda is terrible for you, sure, you shouldn’t drink very much of it very often but that’s up to the PERSON to decide. NOT the Government. The government has no right to be so involved in our lives that they can limit our consumption of perfectly delicious taste in drinks. Yes, people should be more conscientious about how much they drink but that’s their responsibility, the government should have no say in that whatsoever. So it makes someone fat. Also not the government’s concern, just don’t pay for them to get medical care just because they’re fat, make them pay for it if it was their choice like that but DO NOT TAKE AWAY OUR RIGHTS TO DRINK WHAT WE WANT.

Government, you’re getting out of control. You are not supposed to be this big.

Rant over.


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