How To Make Friends – The story of my life

There’s been a post on Tumblr going around recently that says something about “How do I even make friends? Do I just grab someone and yell ‘you’re mine!’?” Well, in this awkward, amusing life I live, I kind of keep doing just that. But, it might be working.


Day 4-ish of college this year:

Boys walks by with a book.


Boy: …. Yes…

Me: Is that the 5th one?!?!

Boy: How did you know that?

Me: Because it’s blue and black…

Boy: Oh ok! Cool! Harry Potter is awesome.

Me: YEAH IT IS! Will you be my best friend?!

– Good news, we’re actually getting to be good friends. His name is Drew. And no, I never find out people’s names before asking to be their best friends.

Day 5-ish of college this year:

*Sitting in the lobby randomly talking to a kid about TV shows.*

Me: Yeah I watch a lot of TV. And I watch it really fast… Like I watched all of Supernatural in 3 weeks.

Boy: I did that with Doctor Who!


Boy: YES! Do you watch Sherlock too?!


– We’re also getting to be great friends. His name is David.

September 1st – Season Premiere of Doctor Who

*I go to the first floor lobby to the person working the front desk to get the remote for the TV with cable in the basement.

Me: Hey I reserved the TV and I need to get the remote. Wait, are you listening to Aladdin songs?

Boy: Yeah!

Me: DUDE! Be my best friend!!

Boy: For real? Sounds great!

Me: Wow! Awesome! Normally I don’t get such an enthusiastic response! *High fives*

Boy: Sweet! Hey, what were you reserving the TV for anyways?

Me: Doctor Who! It’s the —-

Boy: SEASON PREMIERE! I know! I’ll be watching it on the computer!!

Me: YES!!! We actually can be best friends!!!

– I’ve only seen him one time since but it was just now and we talked a lot about Doctor Who and it was brilliant and this might be working you guys should try it!

Yep. This how I live my life. Be entertained, everyone else is.
Hope ♥


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