Asylum of the Daleks

DOCTOR WHO IS BACK! And it’s better than ever!

As many of you know, last night was the Series 7 premiere of Doctor Who. After waiting for 8 months I think the majority of us Whovians were just grateful to have it back but in my opinion that was one of the best episodes I’ve ever seen!
Daleks, divorce, zombie Daleks, souffle and an interesting look into a new character. Wow. My mind was absolutely blown!

It was incredible because 4 of my friends from back home came to visit me and watch it with me and also 2 of my friends here at school joined me in the watching party. We were completely enthralled with the episode from the first second and hardly a word was spoken til the end because we were so entranced by the magic that is the Doctor.

Steven Moffat has done again what he is best at, made a completely flawless episode that made me laugh, cry and fall more in love with these fictional characters than ever.

This will be a great (Though heartbreaking) series.

Hope ♥


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