My Summer Playlist

Well, since today is now officially my last day of summer before tomorrow when I move into my dorm and go home to my college town and have all kinds of crazy awesome adventures, it’s about dang time I share with you guys my summer playlist. It’s not like I at first just sat down and was like, these songs will be the soundtrack to Summer 2012 but these ended up being almost the only songs I listened to all summer, they’re just the happy, summer kind of song that is exciting to listen to as one bikes to and from work each morning in the heat and needs to get pumped up! :)
So yeah, if anyone cares (Well, it’ll be here whether you care or not actually) here is my Summer 2012 Playlist!

(These are in absolutely no order by the way.)

1. Fluorescent Adolescent – Arctic Monkeys
2. I Bet You Look Good on the Dance Floor – Arctic Monkeys
4. You are So Beautiful – Escape the Fate
5. Mushaboom – Feist
6. The entire “Torches” CD by Foster the People
7. The entire “Some Nights” CD by fun. AH. I’m obsessed with them right now.
8. All The Pretty Girls – fun.
9. The entire “Never Trust a Happy Song” CD by Grouplove. (Ironically most of the songs are quite happy.)
10. Ooh La – The Kooks
11. Love Me Dead – Ludo
12. Midnight City – M83
13. The entire “Overexposed” CD by Maroon 5. (I’ve never been a huge Maroon 5 CD but I’m in love with this album!!)
14. Daylight – Matt and Kim
15. Electric Feel – MGMT
16. She’s Got You High – Mumm-ra
17. Little Talks – Of Monsters and Men
18. Sleepyhead – Passion Pit
19. Lisztomania – Phoenix
20. The Way We Get By – Spoon
21. Chelsea Dagger – The Fratellis
22. Kill the Director – The Wombats
23. Vagabond – Wolfmother
24. Not exactly upbeat but the entire “Sigh No More” CD by Mumford & Sons has been on my list of always listen to for over a year now. My all time favorite CD ever.
25. I Will Wait – Mumford & Sons (Admittedly not on my list all summer because it just came out but I can’t stop listening to it!!)


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