Some Nights I Stay Up Cashing in My Bad Luck

This summer, despite its rough start and rocky times where I was extremely lonely and unhappy (Though had I been focusing on God like I should have, I probably wouldn’t have felt any of that at all) has actually had some amazing times. I’ve had my summer Bible study each Tuesday night and our group from that have hung out every Friday night and it’s been incredible. We’ve had two amazing campfires and play in the river nights where we just hung out on a sandbar, cooked hot dogs and laid out under the stars really just taking in God’s beauty and getting to know each other. During study we’ve all grown closer in God and fellowship with each other and as I’ve written, I personally have gotten a lot out of it and a lot closer to God because of it.
This past weekend, Friday the 5 of us that were available went and got ice cream, played on a playground in a park and then Miranda, Geoff and I went to Miranda’s apartment to watch the Olympics (Which was the first time I’ve actually gotten to sit and watch any amount of them!). We had so much fun watching them together and commenting that Geoff, David (Another guy from Bible study) and I all got together Saturday night to watch them again. I will never not be amazed at how cool it is to watch an event that the whole world is a part of, it’s so awesome!
Last night was the last night of Bible study for me personally for the summer because I’m going home for a week starting tomorrow. It was a bittersweet time for me because I have really grown close to these people and I’ll miss the close-knit times we’ve had but I will definitely make time to get to know them all better. Last night our study was incredible as always, talking about not worrying and really bringing people into the kingdom of God! Afterwards, we sat around and talked for a while, eating chips and guacamole that one of the guys, Josh had brought and then Jake decided we should all go swimming. At first I protested, saying I needed to go to bed, that it was already 9:15 and I’d be tired at work this morning. Fortunately, they talked me out of my objections and though I didn’t swim because I didn’t have my swimsuit with me, Miranda, Jake, Geoff and I all went to the pool. (Jake and Geoff splashed around while Miranda and I sat and talked, it was lovely!) After the pool closed at 10, we all went to Austin and Amanda’s house (a young couple that helps lead our Navigators student ministry that are pretty much the sweetest people ever!) and just hung out talking and catching up. It was a really good night and though I got to bed way later than I usually do it was completely worth it. We laughed, poked fun at each other and giggled as Miranda accidentally fell in the pool and Geoff mocked me for my love of Dr Pepper, telling me it’s bad for me and I needed to run over a mile to work it off. When I objected saying it was the only thing (meaning food item) that I couldn’t give up, he immediately responded with, “YOU’RE WORSHIPING DR PEPPER! God should be the only thing you can’t give up! BIBLED! You’ve just been JESUSED!”
Things like that, ridiculous teasing and times of laughter are the reason this summer has turned out to be amazing. Those times with my new friends and the times I went on my own adventures, biking around, reading my Bible or another book in a coffee shop, sipping on coffee and enjoying my time and all my random photography adventures I went on.
I had my doubts throughout the summer and didn’t get as much out of it as I should have but you know what? As this summer nears the end, I’ve realized that I’ve grown so much in these past months and it has been one of the nicest summers of my life.
God is so good to me.
Hope ♥


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I'm learning to love and be and grow up and things are hard but God is always so good.

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