Esther Day 2012

*Edit: This was supposed to post on Esther Day which was Friday, August 3, however for some reason it did not, hence the posting now making this my 3rd post for the day. Oops.*

“Esther Day is the day where we think ‘who do i love who i have trouble saying I love you to’. Not some romantic interest, that’s just using Esther Day as an excuse to tell someone you love them, that you already want to tell them… no. I mean family, or platonic friends, which for me is even harder than family.” – John Green

Today, August 3 is Esther Day. A day that Nerdfighters around the world celebrate the birthday of Esther Earl, a YouTuber and incredible Nerdfighter who was doing more than her part to decrease world suck. Unfortunately, a few weeks after Esther’s 16th birthday, she lost her battle with cancer but not before inspiring many people around the world with her endless optimism and hope. Though I didn’t know who she was until after she died, she has continued to inspire me, seeing all she went through yet how she was always hopeful and cheerful regardless.
Before she died, John and Hank Green, the founders of Nerdfighteria and the Vlogbrothers from YouTube told her about their plans to celebrate Esther Day on her birthday to honor her and her incredible work and they asked her to decide how it should be celebrated. She thought for a while and decided it should be a day to show love to everyone. Go out of your way to tell people how you feel, many times we just assume people know we love them so we never say it, and sometimes for some reason it is hard to get those words out but we have to let them know.
That’s what Esther Day is about, telling people we love that we love them, letting people know how much they mean. I think that’s a brilliant idea and something we should all do more often, let people know just how loved they are.


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