The Thing I’ve Learned From Doctor Who

Because of the new Doctor Who trailer this week, my Doctor Who feelings are even more intense than usual and after finding the following list on Tumblr, I decided to include this list and detail what Doctor Who has taught me in my year and a half of watching. Some of the list is cheesy or just fandom related inside jokes, but some of them are so true and something that all of us should keep in mind. Those are the kind of things that make this show the best.
Hope ♥

– Being human is beautiful
– If you hear a weird noise, don’t go looking for the source of it (Or go out and poke it with a stick)
– Keep up with your home repairs (i.e. mildew, cracked walls)
– Children are creepy
– Always trust strangers
– Don’t shoot at robots
– Christmas is evil
– Everything is possible
– Respect all forms of life
– Things will always get better
– Always know who and what you’re working for
– Question everything

About these, being human is beautiful. This. Yes. God created each of us so beautifully and so uniquely, we need to recognize that and how wonderfully made we are.

Everything is possible. Yes! Dare to dream, go out, try to accomplish things! Really live, put your mind to accomplishing something you never thought you could! You’ll surprise yourself.

Respect all forms of life. This one doesn’t really need more explanation. All life is from God, we need to respect it and treat it as such.

Things will always get better. I know I need to take one to heart the most but it’s true. No matter what’s going on, things will get better. When the Doctor’s hearts were breaking when he lost Rose, yes he was extremely upset but he kept going, he met Donna and Martha and things got so much better again. True.. things then get bad again but you can never have the good without the bad. Things will get better.

The last thing I learned that I’ll be listing here is not one that was included in the list I found but I think is by far the most important. There’s a line from the 2012 Christmas Special, “A Christmas Carol” where the Doctor says, “In 900 years of time and space I’ve never met anyone who wasn’t important.” Another thing I need to remember but it’s so true. Everyone is important. Everyone has a purpose and we should treat everyone that way.

Hope ♥


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